Friday, September 18, 2020

Orr’s passion, determination brings success

Since the age of 8, Plattsburgh State’s ace, Scott Orr, has had an unbelievable passion for the game of baseball.

“I started playing T-ball at the age of 8 in Little League with all of my friends and have loved the game ever since,” he said.

After spending a semester at Utica College, Orr felt that it was time for a change of scenery and PSUC was looked upon highly in his eyes for both baseball and academics.

“I spent a semester at Utica College and I really did not like it there at all, so when I started to look at new schools to transfer to, this was one of my top options — actually the top option,” Orr said. “I came in and met with Coach Doorey and took a look at the campus and decided that I really loved everything about it.”

To view more of our videos, visit our Multimedia page.As a pitcher, Orr does not throw hard, but he is able to make up for his relative lack of velocity.

“I don’t really throw very hard, so I do a good job of keeping the ball low so we can get a ton of ground balls to make the fielders’ life easier,” Orr said. “They do a really good job for me.”

Junior catcher Alex Rodriguez spoke highly of Orr as his teammate.

“He has improved his pitching incredibly,” Rodriquez said. “He has done a great job of spotting the ball and finding his zones early on in the game this season. At the moment, I feel as though there is nothing that he needs to fix because everything is working very well.”

Orr thinks differently. He said the main thing he needs to work on is throwing strikes and walking fewer batters.

Rodriguez said Orr brings great attributes to the team each day.

“I love Scott as my teammate because when he is playing the game, he is really focused and I can not say enough about his passion for the game,” Rodriguez said. “He is always there to support his team on and off the field.”

Though the Cardinals missed the boat on the playoffs this season, there are a lot of things they can look forward to in future seasons.

Over the time frame of their intense and arduous year, they have battled various challenges.

“Some things to look forward to for next season would be seeing how the younger guys can fill in for all our seniors. We’re losing a lot of our starters from this season,” Orr said. “Also, I think the intensity and pressure to make the playoffs will increase even more since we haven’t made it in a few years.”

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