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Editorial Board

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Collin Bolebruch

Hi! My name is Collin Bolebruch and I am the editor in chief at Cardinal Points. I’m a senior studying journalism from Perth, New York. I arrived at the paper in spring 2022 as a staff writer in the sports section. The subject brought my love for journalism alive and has become one of my favorite parts of the college experience. The connections I have been able to develop with athletes, coaches, teams and even people in my own department will help define the rest of my career. I’m hoping to continue in this field going forward — specifically, covering sports. Outside of the paper, I like to watch and review films, listen to music, take care of my pet frog and, of course, watch sports.

Editor in Chief

Hi! I'm

Aleksandra Sidorova

Hello, I’m Aleksandra Sidorova! I am the managing and news editor of Cardinal Points, the organization I’ve devoted every semester to (currently, my sixth). I am a senior majoring in journalism with a minor in language and linguistics. I am an international student originally from Moscow, but I’ve been living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for most of my life. What I love most about Cardinal Points is the connections I make within the campus and town communities, and the passionate team that drives the organization. At Cardinal Points, I discovered my passion for newspaper work and public service. Serving a community is incredibly fulfilling to me, and I hope to continue doing that once I graduate in December.

Managing and News Editor

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Cinara Marquis

Hello! My name is Cinara Marquis, I am the arts & culture editor for Cardinal Points. I am a sophomore majoring in social work with a minor in sociology. I was born in New Hampshire, but have spent a lot of my life in Buffalo, New York — I came to SUNY Plattsburgh in fall 2023. It is my second semester with the paper and my first as an editor, so I am very excited to be on the team. Other than writing, I enjoy making art, going on walks outdoors and playing games. I hope to connect people to the arts and share stories about amazing happenings on campus.

Arts & Culture Editor

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Michael Purtell

My name is Michael Purtell and I am the sports editor at Cardinal Points. I was born in Plattsburgh, and am currently a junior studying journalism. It’s my second semester with the paper, and I spent my first as a staff writer for the sports section. Plattsburgh State’s athletics is a unifying force for the area, which is something I’ve always admired. I’m hoping to share some phenomenal student stories and build a career for myself in the field once graduated. Hobbies I have outside of the paper include playing the saxophone, reading fantasy novels, watching the NBA and playing pickup basketball!

Sports Editor

Hi! I'm

Nadia Paschal

Hi! I’m Nadia Paschal and I’m the opinions editor for Cardinal Points. I am a senior studying sociology and psychology. I’ve moved around the state a lot but am from Saratoga Springs, New York. This is my second semester being involved, and my first as an editor. I wrote mainly for the arts and culture section last semester but being able to branch out and take on new responsibilities has helped me grow as a writer. I enjoy being able to learn about and report on the different perspectives that students on campus, as well as the surrounding community have to offer. I’ve always had a strong passion for writing, but aside from that I enjoy photography, music, reading, and baking.

Opinion Editor

Hi! I'm

Jayne Smith

My name is Jayne Smith, and I'm the photography editor for Cardinal Points. I am a junior majoring in sociology and minoring in photography. Though I was born in Schenectady, New York, I lived in Albany, New York, for most of my life. I work at the Student Mail Center on campus, too, so you may have seen me there. I developed an interest in photography as an art while studying here, leading me to combine it with journalism, which had already been an interest of mine for a while. I plan to pursue a career in photojournalism after I graduate. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, spending valuable time with my friends and going outside (preferably all at once).

Photography Editor

Hi! I'm

Cameron Greaves

Hi, My name is Cam Greaves and I am the Graphics Editor for Cardinal Points. I'm currently a junior majoring in art, specializing in graphic design. I grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY, and plan to pursue a career as a graphic designer and or illustrator. In my free time I cook and go thrift shopping, the better stores are in Burlington for the record. I also work in the student mail center so you may see me there too.

Graphics Editor

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Jacob Crawford

My name is Jacob Crawford, and I am the multimedia editor for Cardinal Points. I am a senior pursuing a double major in digital media production and TV-video production. I am originally from Liverpool, New York, and have been attending SUNY Plattsburgh since the fall of 2021. This is my third semester as an editor for Cardinal Points. After graduating, I hope to find a career creating digital content, focusing on video production and motion design. When I’m not working, I enjoy film, television and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Multimedia Editor

Hi! I'm

Yuki Ouchi

Hi, my name is Yuki Ouchi. I am the web editor of Cardinal Points. I am in my senior year with a computer science major. In my field of study, I am particularly interested in web development, and I aim to pursue a career as a web engineer after graduation. It is not my specialty, but I also have interests in technologies related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am responsible for updating and maintaining the website for Cardinal Points. I also work for the IT Student Helpdesk and Desktop Support Service unit on campus. Apart from my studies and jobs, I like to spend time working out, trying new recipes found online (I love spicy food) and having dinner with friends at home.

Web Editor