Monday, March 8, 2021

Editorial Board

Fernando Alba

Editor in Chief

Hey! I’m a senior multimedia journalism major from Rochester, New York, and I’m also the editor in chief of Cardinal Points. What I enjoyed the most about the paper when I first joined was all the opportunities it provided to try new things and learn every week. Three years later, I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn while also seeing other budding journalists grow alongside with me. That has been the absolute joy of my time on the paper.

Nghi To

Graphics Editor

Hi! My name is Nghi To and I’m the new Graphics Editor for Cardinal Points this semester. I’m an international student from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I’m a junior majoring in Studio Art with a Graphic Design and Printmaking concentration. I’m also considering taking on journalism as a minor because I’ve always loved writing and want to experiment with new mediums. This is my third semester in Cardinal Points and it’s been a really enjoyable experience for me! It’s a way for me to create art outside of class and to experiment with new and important topics that I don’t usually work with. In my free time, I enjoy creating art, being out in nature, or snuggling up in bed with a good book.

Jess Johnson

Managing/Opinions Editor

Hi 🙂 I’m from Albany, New York and I’m a junior, double majoring in multimedia journalism and tv/video production with a minor in public relations. I am also a sister of Theta Alpha Lambda. After graduation, I’m hoping to go to graduate school in the U.K. My aspirations include becoming a travel journalist, traveling fimer, or a foreign correspondent. Being a part of Cardinal Points the past few semesters has pushed me to become a better writer, produce better content and comprehension, and helped me grow as a student. In my free time I love creative writing, filming, photography, reading and hanging out with friends. My favorite films include Matilda, Coraline and Can’t Buy Me Love, and my favorite novel is The Crucible.

Audrey Lapinski

Photo Editor

Hi! My name is Audrey and I am the photo editor. I’m from Clifton Park, New York and I am an art major with a concentration in graphic design. During my last few semesters at Cardinal Points, I’ve really enjoyed working with some great people and capturing a lot of interesting moments around the campus. For fun, I like spending time outdoors or just staying in with Ben and Jerry’s and a good movie.

Emma Vallelunga

News Editor

Hi, I’m from Syracuse, New York, and I’m a senior news and multimedia journalism major with a minor in English. I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, last year and loved every minute of it. I’m hoping to apply to Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Communications for graduate school next year. Being a part of Cardinal Points has made me grow so much as a writer, and I love reporting on stories that people really care about. I enjoy eating large amounts of food, sleeping in until noon, painting my nails weekly and trying to smile about something every day.

Sareem Jabbar

Multimedia/Associate Graphics Editor

Hello! I’m the multimedia editor and associate graphics editor for Cardinal Points! I’m from Nassau County on Long Island and grew up in Queens, as well. At Plattsburgh, I’m a Studio Art major with a double concentration in Graphic Design and Photography. I probably will also go for my masters degree in teaching after graduating from here. Fun CP fact, I started as the lead graphics editor, but grew to love multimedia, so I chose to focus on that! Being a part of Cardinal Points has been amazing for me. It allows me to always be working on fun and new projects and art. Working with the team is such a pleasure, too. Some hobbies of mine include playing and making music, creating art, and film making. All my hobbies have contributed in some way to what I do for Cardinal Points.

Alana Penny

FUSE Editor

I’m a junior magazine journalism major and I'm from Anchorage, Alaska. I have been writing for CP since my freshman year and I’ve learned so much about writing and made so many wonderful friends. I love working in the FUSE section because I get to learn about so many events, organizations and people in the SUNY Plattsburgh community that I would never have known about otherwise! In my free time I like to paint, crochet, hang out with friends and spend time outdoors.

Mataeo Smith

Web Editor

Hey, my name is Mataeo Smith, and I’m from the Bronx, NY. I am the web editor for Cardinal Points this semester. I’ve been a part of the paper since my freshman year and enjoy every second of it. In my free time, I love playing rugby and writing short stories.