Fall 2018 Semester E-Board Superlatives



In the Cards: Sarah Wolf – Women’s Hockey


National College Media Convention 2018: Louisville Vlog

In the Cards: Michelle Simmons – Volleyball

In the Cards: Ryan Wilson – Men’s Soccer


Cross Country seeks progression throughout season

In the Cards: Taylor Adams – Women’s Soccer

September 11 Tribute – Myers Fine Arts Building

In the Cards: Sierra Barrett – Tennis

The superlatives.

How to cure a Hangover

Do you stay up all night?

Please use condoms

What is it like to date your best friend?

How to motivate yourself for Collage?

How it is inside Cardinal Points.

Let’s talk about memes.

How Lucky are PSU Students?

Do students listen to the radio or streaming devices?

Timeline of the events surrounding Maria Gates’ racist Snapchat.

Valentine without an valentine?

Do you use dating apps?

What can Suny Plattsburgh improve about their campus?

What are PSU students favorite things about thanksgiving?

Do you like a blond or a brunette?


A vlog from the CP crew in Dallas

How to safe money in college.


Do Plattsburgh students watch tv or online media? And what is their favorite show?


What can you do to stay healthy on campus, this is what PSU Students told us.


A hawkins Pond Party! Lets take a look


What does coffee do to our Plattsburgh students?


What is Plattsburgh’s favorite Emoji???


Using emojis in professional setting

Are there binge Drinking and Eating problems on Campus?

College students overindulge

How are the freshman doing?

Renovation of Wilson.

Cardinal Points Spring 2017 Superlatives

Hannah for Alleppo

Who should buy the condom?

What do Suny Plattsburgh students think about the free new Free-Tuition program??

Construction to slow toward finals

Should teachers promote the use of phones more in class?? We asked Suny Plattsburgh students.

Incorporating phones into future workplace

The crazy donut mountain

Crazy food trend motivates obesity

Are you a leader or a follower?

No set guidelines for leaders, followers

Can you make 15000 steps a day??

The PRSSA day.

PRSSA hosts public relations day

What is your favorite late night snack?

Late-night snacking may cause fatigue

Do you still talk to your ex?

Staying friends with ex after break up

The Celebration of Abilities

Fraternity hosts annual dodgeball tournament

What is the best compliment?

Anonymous app promotes anti-bullying

What is the best way to study for the PSU students?

Better results after repeating information

How are our table etiquettes?

Club holds etiquette series

In The Cards has an intervieuw with Frannie Merkel.

Merkel having outstanding rookie year

An interview with Sean Shea about how to get back in shape.

SWEAT: Intense training proves useful

What do Suny Plattsburgh students think of Valentines day?

How does GEO help and protect international students at SUNY Plattsburgh?

PSUC creates safe space

PSUC share their thoughts on what feminism means for them?

PSUC what is your first reaction on global warming?

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