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The Jonas Brothers are back, better than ever before

If you woke up on March 1 and thought it could have been the late 2000s, it would have made perfect sense. The Jonas Brothers released a new song.

The band’s single, “Sucker,” is their first since their breakup in 2013, and they have still maintained their heartthrob status among dedicated fans, who are now in their twenties, six years later. 

The pop-rock band of brothers named Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas started their career in 2005 after recording the song, “Please Be Mine.” Then Columbia Records president Steve Greenberg heard the song and signed the band. 

From there, they opened for a multitude of artists that included Jump5, Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney, and the Backstreet Boys. Their debut album, “It’s About Time,” was released on Aug. 8, 2006, and featured the hit, “Year 3000.” 

Most fans would be interested to learn, “Year 3000,” is not a song written by the Jonas Brothers and is originally by the English band Busted.  

Unfortunately, the band was dropped by Columbia Records in early 2007, but the story doesn’t end there. 

The plethora of hits we all know started in 2007 after the band signed with Hollywood Records, a music label connected to the Disney Music Group. These are the songs “Hold On,” “S.O.S,” “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “Burnin’ Up,” “Lovebug,” “Paranoid” and “Tonight.” Their discography speaks for itself, they’ve been in the music game for a long time. 

Music wasn’t the only thing the brothers dabbled in, they are also recognizable from Disney Channel original programming. 

They graced television screens in “Camp Rock” and “Camp Rock: The Final Jam,” and in the“JONAS” and “JONAS L.A.” television series which had them portraying the Lucas brothers who were all members of the band Jonas. 

No surprise here: they delivered hit songs like “Play My Music” and “Keep It Real,” even while acting on screen. 

The point here is simple: The Jonas Brothers have painted quite a legacy for themselves and it was about time they came back to give us more.

Their reunion comes at the perfect time in our current culture because nostalgia is thriving. If you’re the friend who starts playing the Jonas Brothers, ‘NSYNC or One Direction, your friends will love you. 

Sophomore early childhood education major Caila McCaghey is excited about the reunion. 

“It feels like we are back in the year 2007,” she said. 

This is clear in the lyrical quality of the new song, “Sucker,” which is reminiscent of the 2008 track, “Lovebug.” Like “Lovebug,” “Sucker” tells of the attraction one has to someone and how they’ve got it bad. The Jonas Brothers are iconically known for their love songs but the similarity between these two tracks are striking. It’s a good sign to diehard fans that things won’t change much with more new music on the way. 

Junior communication sciences & disorders major Stephanie Palacios sees a little bit of change from then to now.  

“They modernized,” she said. “They definitely changed [the music] to keep up with the times because it sounds a lot more like the bands that are around now. But it’s still true to them.”

During the height of their popularity, the Jonas Brothers were well known for wearing purity rings. The rings are largely associated with a vow by those who wear them to remain abstinent until marriage. The rings created a wholesome look for the band but flashforward six years later and things have changed. 

Kevin married long-time love Danielle Deleasa in 2009 and the couple have two daughters named Alena and Valentina. Nick married Indian actress Priyanka Chopra on December in a lavish Indian-Western fusion wedding that lasted several days and Joe is engaged to English actress Sophie Turner with plans to wed this summer. Their leading ladies were heavily featured in the “Sucker” music video which appeared like a more mature and colorful version of the video for their single “Burnin’ Up.”

It may only be March but it’s a good sign that a favorite has returned to delight our ears with new music. Take it as a sign of good luck and fortune for 2019.

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