Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Students encouraged to be involved

The Involvement Fair hosted by Student Association will be held Sept. 9 from 2-5 p.m in the Angell College Center in the Warren Ballrooms.

This event is held each semester for students to find out what interests them and decide how to get involved. There are over 100 tables from different clubs and organizations for students to check out. Clubs range from Biology Club, French Club,Fishing Club and Dance Corps. Clubs and organizations will give out free favors to attract students. In addition, they will also have sign-up sheets for anyone who would like to join and receive more information.

“Getting involved is the most beneficial thing that you can do,” said senior communications major Taeko Kelly, student association the Vice President for Clubs and Organizations. “It helps them academically, culturally, athletically and musically.”

She said that getting involved can help students find leadership opportunities, which might be an advantage in the future. She said that joining clubs could help students build great resumes for employers who want to hire someone with good social skills instead of just being good at studying. In addition to joining clubs on campus, students can also make a lot of friends and feel more comfortable. Kelly suggested people should attend to find out what interests them.

“Everybody in the clubs are really welcoming, and they want to give people a good experience,” Kelly said. That’s why Kelly said being active and getting involved might be the stepping stone for people on the path to their success.

There are also many cultural clubs in the Involvement Fair for international students to join if they are looking for something that is familiar to their culture. There are clubs representing different countries around the world at PSUC. PSUC currently has a growing population of international students from more than 65 different countries, according to the official PSUC website. There are the Chinese Association, Korean Association, V-Nation, Club International and other international clubs to join. Those clubs are also welcome to anyone who is interested in learning about a country and its culture.

Coming from Peru, freshman business administration major Gonzalo Reyes said that he had never had any experiences before in his country. He wants to join any cultural clubs or musical clubs so he can make more friends and improve his skills.

“Nobody can be alone,” he said.

That’s why Reyes is excited about the upcoming event.

He is looking forward to joining clubs and organizations at PSUC. Reyes said that he would love to spend his time being social with his friends as well as meeting new people.

“You’re only here for four years and you want to make the most out of it,” said Resident Assistant of Whiteface Hall Nicole Awad.

Awad did not get involved last year and felt like she was wasting her college experience. That’s when she decided to join clubs and organizations on campus this semester.

She also found out that getting involved could help her with her academic life. She joined clubs pertaining to her major and minor like the PSUC French Club.

She recommended freshman finish their academic work right after their classes. Therefore, during the weekend, they could have time to get involved and do fun activities. This can encourage students to balance their work and social life.

“You want to just meet as many people as you can and try out new things.” Awad said.

Awad said she found where she belonged after deciding to get involved. She met a lot of great people and now she has a resident assistant job in Whiteface.

“Now I’m really happy because I got involved,” Awad said.“I don’t feel guilty about going out because during the week, I got all my work done.”

She encouraged other students to get involved on campus.

“You could learn things about yourself that you never knew,” Awad said.

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