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Students balance school

One week, three exams, two quizzes, four papers. Sound stressful? Welcome to the reality of the workload of the average college student. 

High school, sometimes, does not prepare students for the immense workloads that college has to offer. 

Trying to balance five or more classes and a social life can be incredibly difficult. Dealing with a heavy workload might be hard at times, but it isn’t impossible. 

Some students even have part-time jobs while juggling their school work, making it even more tiresome. 

Second-semester freshman and psychology major Nicolette Pagano is currently taking 16 credits for the Spring 2019 semester. 

“I manage my schedule by doing all of my class work as soon as possible,” Pagano said. 

Dedicating a couple hours a day to attend to school work will ensure that it is done in a timely manner. 

Figure out where studying works best. For some, it is the library, while others work better in local coffee shops or in their dorm rooms. 

After being a college student for almost eight semesters, it’s been easy to figure out that the library is one of the best resources on campus. 

The quiet areas make it easy to concentrate and focus on work that needs to be completed. 

The Sundowner, located downstairs in the Angell College Center, allows a caffeine refill or a sandwich for lunch. 

It has made studying in college enjoyable because watching other students get their work done is good motivation when procrastination starts kicking in. 

“I never wait till last minute to complete homework, essays or study,” Pagano said. 

Creating a to-do list can be very beneficial. Begin each day by jotting down the important tasks and as they become completed, check them off. Even add some things that might be considered rewards for getting school work done first. 

Pagano added: “I also stay off of my phone during class and I never miss class unless it’s an emergency. As long as I pay attention and get my work done on time I’ll remain on track with all of my work.” 

Shutting off all technology, during class and while studying, will reduce the amount of surrounding distractions. 

In a 2017 survey done by ScienceDirect, it was found that 80 percent of students agreed that when they are on their phones during class, it hinders their ability to pay attention to lectures. 

While being a freshman can be scary, being away from home for the first time and living in a tiny room with a stranger, the adjustment to managing school work can be smooth.

Pagano said, “Introducing myself to my teachers at the beginning of the semester allowed me to get a better relationship with them so they were able to help me throughout the course.” 

While this tactic might not work for everyone, Pagano thinks it has helped her feel more comfortable within the classroom. 

Don’t be afraid to develop relationships with professors, they are there to help students with whatever questions or concerns they might have. 

Senior history and gender & women studies major Sam DeCarcifolo is taking 12 credits. Her final semester is a heavier workload. 

“I’ve always been the type of student that doesn’t have a hard time completing my work in a timely manner, but as the senioritis has kicked in this year, I have been a little more carefree on the quality of the work once I’ve realized I’m able to get by with it,” DeCarcifolo said. 

Senior year is the time to let loose and enjoy the last couple months with friends before entering the “adult” world.

It can be very easy to get side- tracked from school, especially if a job has already been offered. 

Regardless, DeCarcifolo stays on top of her work.

“I plan for the entire day in the morning so if I’m going to work, I can bring my supplies with me so I can go do my school work right after and not give myself time to get distracted,” she said. 

Distractions are easy to come by, specifically when living with a group of friends such as DeCarcifolo does. 

She likes to get her work done by herself. She stays in her room, silences her phone and doesn’t leave until her work is complete. 

College can be perfectly balanced with the right skills and mindset in place. It is no feat to enjoy oneself while still getting A’s. 

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