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Sheeran displays skill, competitiveness

The success of the Plattsburgh State women’s hockey team has had a direct correlation with the overpowering dominance of their sophomore phenomenon, Melissa Sheeran.

This past week, Sheeran was awarded player of the week for the second consecutive week, something that is rare to say the least in a division as competitive as the ECAC West.

Sheeran currently leads the team in goals scored with 23, as well as 43 points overall thus far in the season.

Although the spotlight has shined on her for the past couple of weeks, Sheeran credits her personal success to her line mates, Kayla Meneghin and Giovanna Senese.

“Honestly, I would not have gotten that player of the week award if it weren’t for Giovanna and Kayla,” Sheeran said. “We’ve been on the same line for a while now and we’ve developed some great chemistry together.”

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The chemistry amongst the trio is something that has taken a while to grow into what it is today.

Before coming to PSUC to play on the same team, Meneghin and Sheeran were high school rivals. The two met in their coveted high school championship during their junior year to battle against each other. This is something Meneghin remembers quite well.

“I just hated playing against her,” Meneghin said. “She was the best one on their team.”

Although the two would always go at it during their high school careers, they learned to put their past rivalry aside to work together in a beautiful way. They both explain how they’d rather play together then play against each other.

As a result of putting their differences aside, the two are now part of one of the most destructive lines in the ECAC. Each of the three has even developed personas for themselves amongst their teammates and coaches. Meneghin and Sheeran have been labeled “Dumb and Dumber,” on the team, due to their goofy personalities, while Senese is known as the “Mom” of the three — always there to reel the two back in to focus on the task at hand.

Sheeran has been described by her teammates with words such as leader, good goal scorer, as well as great at knowing where to go with the puck. Her on going desire to be the best she can be has propelled her into the leader role that she now plays despite being one of the younger girls on the team.

“She’s a very talented kid,” head coach Kevin Houle said. “She wants to be the best player on the ice, and I think that’s what drives her to be the best that she can be.”

This type of drive stems from the competitive nature that Sheeran has embodied for most of her life. Although hockey is her prime outlet for this competitive spirit, Meneghin said that it comes out even when she is doing “leisurely activities.”

Meneghin recalls a kickball game that the team once played amongst each other that got a little out of hand, to say the least. As a result of the whole team being highly competitive, the game ended in more of a screaming match more than anything.

Despite this competitive nature that Sheeran has come to be known for, Meneghin gave insight to the more delicate sign of the star.

“She cares a lot about people,” Meneghin said. “She’s very soft.”

Even though Meneghin may have applied the beans about Sheeran’s softer side, it’s likely she still wouldn’t hesitate to give anyone a good check into the boards if the opportunity presents itsef.

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