Sunday, April 21, 2024

In the Cards: Hale adjusts to unconventional season

By Angelica Melara

Sophomore hockey forward and business administration and supply chain management major Mitchell Hale was excited to start back up with practices and start hanging out with his friends/teammates more often. But just as the Men’s Ice Hockey team is about to start its practices again, new cases of COVID-19 have started popping up around campus.

Hale started playing hockey when he was 4-years old.

“I was a very energetic kid growing up and loved watching the Buffalo Sabres,” he said.

Those characteristics stayed with Hale all his life, according to the hockey head coach Steven Moffat.

“Mitchell Hale is a happy, go-lucky kid, always has a smile on his face but is also ultra competitive,” Moffat said. “He’s also an outstanding student, and it shows through his academics.”

During his games, the fans who are watching can see how dedicated Hale is to the sport. He puts his all on the ice and wears his heart on his sleeve, Moffat said.

“Mitchell plays the game the same way every day. He’s consistent in his approach to the game and how he prepares during the week.  You know what you are going to get, Moffat said.  He plays a 200’ and keeps the opponent honest.  You know you are in for a battle when you go up against Mitch.”

When it comes to his training and practices, Moffat said Hale is an athlete who understands when it’s time to get down to business.

“He knows when he can let his guard down and has opened up,” Moffat said. “He’s let his personality come out since he arrived on campus, and he’s much more comfortable now.”

Not only has Hale been on the team since his freshman year, but during his time at SUNY Plattsburgh, he’s been able to join the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee to represent the men’s hockey team.

Hale, much like the other athletes at Plattsburgh, is keeping up with his academics. His original interest in business administration and supply chain management started after having worked different summer jobs in the past years.

“I’ve worked at a golf course, an amusement park, a casino,hotel, horse track and at an inground pool construction company,” Hale said. “I was interested in becoming a big time manager like some of my old bosses.”

When it comes to sports, Hale is going to have to wait a bit longer to be able to practice on the ice.

“I could not skate all summer and couldn’t go to an actual gym due to them being shut down,” Hale said. “However back up at school, we have small groups on our team that have started working out at the school gym since it’s reopened.”

Hale and the rest of the team have been following the school and state rules regarding COVID-19. He mentioned they stay active by going golfing, rollerblading and hitting the gym.

Although graduation for Hale seems to be a long while away, when he looks into the future, he hopes to play pro hockey for a few years either in the states or overseas.

“Maybe I’ll go to grad school,” Hale added. “After that, I’ll find a job that I like and maybe move down south and get myself a puppy.”


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