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Schrantz will miss teammates

Having passion for a sport makes it difficult when you come to the edge of quitting, but coming back from the edge is even harder.

Senior outside hitter Maggie Schrantz has had these feelings towards volleyball before.

She comes from a volleyball family where her entire family plays, including her cousins.

Ever since she started playing volleyball at the age of 10, Schrantz always knew that she wanted to play it and nothing else.

“Volleyball is the ultimate team sport,” Schrantz said. “You’re only as good as your weakest link.”

She loves the game of volleyball because she always gets to be a part of a team, but there came a time when she almost quit.

During her sophomore year, Schrantz was the junior varsity captain for her high school volleyball team, the Lancaster Redskins, playing middle blocker, but she was short for her position being only 5 foot 7 inches tall. She preferred to play opposite hitter and her head coach butted heads with her about changing her position, but a heart-to-heart made her stick with the sport.

Years later, she had the tough choice of going to New York City for college or to attend Plattsburgh State. She was set on going to a New York City school until she met the former head coach at PSUC, Dena O’Connell.

“She takes you in and is like a mom to you,” she said.

After choosing PSUC, Schrantz never thought she would meet her best friend.

When she first moved in freshman year, she went to teammate Meghan Clifford’s room to ask for a screwdriver and from there, a strong friendship was formed.

For four years, Schrantz and Clifford had their struggles and success, from losing to being SUNYAC semifinalists and now their careers are coming to an end. Clifford said it will be difficult not being able to see her every day.

Over the course of her time at college, Schrantz has been a valuable asset to the team.

“When we needed a kill, there are times when we throw a ball out to her or at times when we needed a dig and she would step right up,” head coach Jeff Bluhm said.

Schrantz is valuable to the team because she said she keeps a level head during matches and doesn’t show emotion during the game.

The thing Schrantz will miss most about Plattsburgh is being a part of a team and having 14 best friends to talk to.

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