Wednesday, October 28, 2020

SA addresses academic plan concerns

SUNY Plattsburgh Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs David Hill answered the 58th legislation’s concerns about the academic renewal plan, which was presented to faculty Sept. 27, at the weekly Student Association meeting Wednesday night.

One of its biggest concerns stemmed from the lack of student involvement with the plan. It was originally presented at an all-faculty meeting.

Senator Brianna Clinton expressed her discontent with the circumstances surrounding the announcement. She explained how a student forum was necessary when the administration proposes changes that will affect the student body.

“I have tried to take that barrier [between students and faculty] down,” Hill said. “When I meet with the dean and faculty, I would welcome students to sit in on meetings and offer insight.”

Senator Emmanuel Akuamoah asked if the plan included any kind of diversity training  for current or incoming students. He said an ethnicity class prerequisite would help students learn about different backgrounds and bridge cultural gaps.

“[An ethnicity class] should be a prerequisite because a lot of people can’t understand different cultures,” Akuamoah said. “That’s where ignorance begins and different ethnic groups get hurt.”

There are no substantial diversity initiatives outlined in the plan. Hill said he needs to learn a lot on diversity because he comes from privilege.

Senator Steffany Jabaut was worried about academic majors being devalued by the new plan. Hill said there is currently no specific plan to eliminate any majors. However, the administration is looking closer into certain majors.

Hill said some majors come with specific problems pertaining to equipment and student enrollment. If a major does get deleted from SUNY Plattsburgh, it will affect only incoming students. One currently enrolled as said major would still be able to complete the program.


Coding Hub was approved for $175 to advertise their new app that has been in development since last semester. Coding Hub plans to create posters, videos for its social media and flyers with the approved funds. The app is designed to give students the campus shuttle’s location at all times.

Coding Hub President Gonzalo Reyes said the funds will “definitely going to help students.”  Reyes said students encounter common problems with the shuttle because it arrives late. The app will help them know when the shuttle is coming so no one has to wait in the cold weather.

The science fiction club was approved for $146 for its lightsaber tournament Nov. 10. The event is free to all students.

The geology club was approved for $185 for a trip to Burlington, Vermont. The club will be participating in a rock climbing event.

The SA holds its meetings every Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. in the Cardinal Lounge of the Angell College Center.

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