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‘Remote’ sees pandemic release

Los Angeles trio, Wallows, released their “Remote” Extended Play (EP) in Oct. 2020. The indie rock band is composed of Dylan Minnette, star of the popular Netflix drama “13 Reasons Why,” Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston. They released the “Remote (Deluxe)”EP Feb. 19.

This deluxe edition consists of three new songs: “On Time,” “Quarterback” and “Another Story.” These released alongside “OK,” which was released as a stand alone single in March last year.

Additionally, it features a remix of “OK” with Solomonophonic and Remi Wolf, who helped co-write the popular song “These Days” for their previous “Spring” EP.

The release date didn’t just consist of dropping the new quarantine-recorded tunes. Wallows hosted a live Q&A and performance through a music website called Bandsintown. The band also released a music video for the new song, “Quarterback,” which looks like it is filmed on a family video camera with a fish-eye lens attached.

New apparel is up on their website, featuring graphic designs on a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, hat, t-shirt and crewneck. The new merchandise has piqued the interest of fans, but it is expensive.

Because of the high merch prices, many fans are choosing to sit home and listen to the new EP in their old Wallows merch they snagged before they rose to fame.

Freshman communication sciences and disorders major, Keely Huling listened to the EP and didn’t have anything negative to say about it.

“I feel like a lot of music sounds the same nowadays,” Huling said.

Different does in fact describe their new music very well. Some of the songs take a few plays to grow on listeners. Fans may have to listen to the songs a few times before they can decide if they like the new style.

Especially coming from their previous, more alt-rock album “Nothing Happens,” which Huling described as “more like a garage band.”

Wallows seemed to have branched out and made an effort to test the limits with their newer, electronic-synth style.

“I feel like the new EP is kind of [an] acquired taste. So, if you like that kind of music you’ll really really like it. But, if you don’t, then I feel like you’re gonna say it’s bad,” Huling said.

Huling said “Coastlines” is her favorite from the EP because of the way it grabbed her attention as soon as she started listening to it. Another popular fan favorite off the EP is “Nobody Gets Me (Like You).” Braeden Lemasters sings in this upbeat, catchy song. This was the first single released before their EP dropped in October.

“Virtual Aerobics” was the second single released from “Remote.” Listeners may interpret the title as a potential word play on the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced everything to be virtual.

But in an interview with Coup De Main Magazine, Minnette mentions that it speaks of the beginning stages of liking someone.

“‘when you’re sort of dancing around the fact you guys like each other virtually through texting,’ and I was thinking that’s the virtual aerobics,” Minnette said.

The new editions to the EP offer calmer tones compared to the other songs previously released in October. “Another Story” is just under two minutes and depicts a weary story of a broken relationship. The band is still able to incorporate the synth vibe into this rather dim-lit song, just without the accompaniment of other upbeat instruments. The sad synth tone pulses in the background of the lyrics.

The lead vocalist varies in each song. Dylan Minnette has typically been the front man, but “On Time” features drummer Cole Preston’s voice— which isn’t heard often.

“[O]n time isn’t just a song, [it’s] a cultural reset, [it’s] the oxygen you breathe, [it’s] a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, and escape from this cruel world filled with thieves, [it’s] an art, the first gift you open on [C]hristmas, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted,”@TRIVIASOOBIN tweeted.

Another unique route Wallows took is the lack of silence between songs. Huling says this was one of the coolest parts of the album. She mentions how usually there are a good three seconds of silence as a separation between songs, but this wasn’t the case on this album.

Blank space wasn’t included as a buffer between each song. Specifically when “Dig What You Dug” went right into “Nobody Gets Me (Like You).”

“That was really cool because they changed the chords at the very end and then all of a sudden you realize the next song already started,” Huling said.

The “Remote (Deluxe)” EP was the third extended play Wallows released next to their debut album “Nothing Happens.” This new, funky sound could pave the way for the band to reach new heights in the music industry.



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