Thursday, January 21, 2021

PSUC tennis looking to start winning streak

The Plattsburgh State women’s tennis team’s game at Castleton University last week was postponed due to weather.

Focusing its attention on the next game, PSUC snapped their three game losing streak defeating Johnson State College 8-1. The Cardinals won all three of their doubles matches and only lost one singles match to the Badgers.

The doubles pairings of Kaitlyn Healy and Kelci Henn and Jackie Ciriello and Shari Forman only surrendered one point each in their one doubles set. Shari Forman’s singles match win streak skidded to a halt, losing both of her sets to the Badgers Jana Somero.

Going into the match, head Coach Annmarie Curle believed that Forman would bounce back nicely from the team’s previous weekend.

“The particular matchup against Johnson State for Shari was a tough one in that she just got everything back so it forced Shari to hit that extra shot,” Curle said. “But overall Shari played well.”

Curle said that heading into the match, the team’s strategy was to make its shots count and avoid error by knowing what was at stake with both potential serves. The team was able to make every shot count and that level of execution put Curle’s confidence level with the team very high.

One specific aspect that worked well for the Cards was their young players. Freshman Margaret Mitchell easily defeated her opponent in two sets, 6-2 and 6-3.

Mitchell, while pleased with her performance in the match, believed that she still could have done better, specifically with her backhand game.

She also acknowledged that her opponent’s playing style was something she is not used to.

“I thought I played alright,” Mitchell said. “I wasn’t use to the way she hit.”

Fellow freshman Kelci Henn also won both of her sets by similar scores, 6-1 and 6-2.

Henn was very happy about her individual and team’s performance. She credited some verbally inspiring confidence from Curle as the reason behind her being able to demolish her opponent.

“I felt good about my game,” Henn said. “After a few strategic words of advice from my coach, my way of playing improved a lot and helped me take control of the match and come out with a win.”

Henn, even as just a freshman, is the number two hitter and is one half of the Cards number one doubles team. Coming in as a freshman and being placed in such an important position for PSUC means a lot to Henn, and has inspired her to put in the extra work and win matches.

“Coming from my high school team where I played first doubles all four years, to being placed in the second singles slot was a huge honor,” Henn said. “I am absolutely loving my first sports season at Plattsburgh.”

The Cards are trying to secure a win streak eading into the middle of the season.

Their next game is set against the Utica Pioneers this Friday, Curle is excited for her team’s next game, and the variety that each match brings.

“Every match our opponents offer something different.”

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