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Monumental season recognized, awarded

Although the season ended earlier than it would have liked it to, the Plattsburgh State women’s tennis team has a lot to feel proud of with how the season transpired, resulting in multiple SUNYAC honors.

“Our mentality throughout the season was to go into each match with a mentality that anything can happen,” head coach Annmarie Curle said. “Everybody gave their best effort, played with integrity, and as a coach I couldn’t have asked for anything more out of them.”

After finishing the season with a record of 10-4, head coach Annmarie Curle was named SUNYAC Coach of the Year for leading the team to a win total that hasn’t been surmounted since the 1976-1977 season.

“Players certainly make the coach, that’s for sure,” Curle said. “Even though I was given that award, it was a team win.”

Along with Curle being named coach of the year, sophomore Kelci Henn and seniors Sarah Drexinger and Kaitlyn Healy also received SUNYAC honors for their play throughout the season.

“I’m so grateful for all of the hard work that the players put in this season,” Curle said. “To receive these honors was a real boost not only for them individually, but for our program as a whole as well.”

Sophomore Kelci Henn and senior Sarah Drexinger were named singles Second Team All-Conference, with Henn also being named First Team All-Conference doubles honors with senior teammate Kaitly Healy.

“It was such an honor to receive an award like we did,” Healy said. “Not only is it super special to receive an award like this, but it is also really special to be able to end my tennis career the way we did.”

Healy and Henn were seemingly unstoppable in their doubles matches this season, accruing a record of 10-3 in the No. 1 doubles spot for the Cardinals. After playing the last two seasons together, they have been able to feed off of each other’s style of play and form a tight bond on and off the court.

“Kelci deserves not only the doubles, but the singles award as well,” Healy said. “She works extremely hard. She plays smart, overall is a really steady player and I loved having her next to me on the court.”

Henn will have to adjust to playing with a new partner next season, however, she feels that Healy’s leadership has guided her in the right direction and set her up nicely for a potential leadership role as well.

“We never let ourselves get down on something,” Henn said about her time playing with Healy. “We knew there was always room to improve, so we kept our heads up no matter what. She continued to prove which is what I look to emulate that in the future of my tennis career.”

Despite the ultimate goal not being achieved, it was still a season PSUC can feel extremely well about, and can use it to fuel their season next fall.

“Towards the end of the season, it was like we were just getting started,” Henn said. “I really look forward to seeing our new members of the team next year and I’m excited to see how we can improve on this season.”

There is without a doubt it will be hard to top a season like the one the Cards had this fall, however, spirits are high due to the amount of success they had working as a unit on and off the courts.

“You never know what you are from season to season, but all we can do is work hard to maintain or exceed the previous season,” Curle said. “We’re hoping to continue our success, but also are very humbled and appreciated of what we have done and what we have been awarded.”

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