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‘Peter Rabbit’ showcases childlike wonder

With the exception of characters such as Benjamin Bunny and Squirrel Nutkin, Sarah Brandt’s “A Peter Rabbit Tale” is a completely new take on the classic story-book version of Peter Rabbit. 

In this musical rendition, Peter Rabbit grows tired of his life as a rabbit. 

He decides to run away in search of a new life but struggles to live with other animals leading him to realize that his life isn’t so bad after all. 

The cast of 11 members of the Plattsburgh State Theater Department has been working tirelessly to put together this production in the short amount of time allotted.

 “This one’s a bit of a sprint so auditions were back in november and we had one rehearsal before break and we started up right when the semester started,” Director, Scenic Designer and Design Mentor Erika Guay said,  “Essentially it’s 5 weeks and that’s it.” 

A mixture of actors and puppets, most members of the cast and crew have several roles they play. 

Theatre major Brett Hughes, who recently returned from a semester he took off to recover from a broken femur, plays Squirrel Nutkin as well as puppeteering Simpkin, a cat. 

Working with the puppet was difficult at first said Hughes, but as time went on he grew to love working with it.

 Karryn Bohley is the costume designer as well as playing Johnny Town Mouse and puppeteering the owl. 

“My biggest challenge was staying on schedule with costuming, rehearsals, my own work, and just my own life,” Bohley said. “It’s been a struggle but it’s almost here and I can’t wait.” 

All the costumes for the show are based off of Bohley’s sketches. “We pull from what we have to create a beautiful show and for whatever we don’t have and really need we’ll order from Amazon or Etsy or Walmart,” Bohley said. 

Gavin Perrine is eager to be stage manager for this production, his first time taking on this role. 

“I was in Erika’s class last semester we had this project about calling a show and one day she came up to me and she was like I want you to be a stage manager for my show. I was really shocked.”

The play was selected after going through Guay’s extensive selection process.  

“I have quite the process and requirement list and there’s only so many shows that fit in that,” Guay said. “And my current favorite part of that criteria is that my children must like it.”

Although it is targeted at younger children Plattsburgh State students are encouraged to attend. 

“I love working with shows that we know are gonna be bringing huge smiles to the kids,” said Guay. 

The play will take place in Hartman Theatre in the Meyers Fine Arts Building March 8 at 6:30 p.m. and March 9 and 10 at 2:00 p.m.

General admission tickets for “A Peter Rabbit Tale” are available for $3 at the Angell College Center Information Desk, online at or The Meyers Fine Arts Building an hour before show times. 

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