Sunday, March 7, 2021

Patron thrives in first PSUC season

Although Plattsburgh State freshman Jonathan Patron may be new to campus this year, the hardwood of the basketball court is a place where he has always felt at home.

The Huntington, New York, native has been playing basketball since before he can remember. Pickup games with his neighbors, as well as being a participant in local recreational leagues, have always been a constant in Patron’s life.

All of that practice and passion for the game has been put the test as he is now playing his first season as a Cardinal this year, and he has proven himself thus far. The forward has been a great addition to the team as he is the third highest scorer on PSUC, averaging 14.1 points per game.

Scoring is not the only aspect of Patron’s game that has complemented the Cards however.

His ability to get both offensive and defensive rebounds has been imperative to PSUC’s success. However, Patron’s ability to get offensive rebounds has proven to be his greatest attribute, due to the fact that his ability to do so has given his teammates more opportunities for second-chance scoring.

Currently, Patron is ranked number two in rebounding behind Kyle Richardson, as he has an average of 7.2 boards per game.

“He’s a force on the boards,” fellow teammate, Richardson, said. “He also has really good vision for the ball.”

Another unique aspect of Patron’s game is he is one of the bigger forwards in the league. He uses his size to muscle out his competitors, which results in better scoring opportunities, as well as a bigger advantage when it comes to rebounding.

Although his appearance and play may be more on the forceful side, Patron’s teammates describe him as a jokester.

To view more videos, visit our Multimedia page.“He’s always the first one to crack a joke,” sophomore point-guard Zack Coleman said. “But he’s also good at knowing the time and place to be funny and when it’s time to get serious.”

This is a mindset that has been instilled in Patron from a very young age. Ever since he could remember, he has been taught that the work he put into something will ultimately decide the amount of success he will experience in his life.

“You got to work hard to get where you want to be,” Patron said. “If you can be satisfied with your effort at the end of the day, then the rest will fall into place.”

The puzzle pieces to Patron’s basketball career seem to be falling into place thus far, and the future looks only brighter for the rookie Cardinal.

His work ethic as well as his constant drive to get better are qualities that both coaches and players have not only become fond of but are also appreciative of.

He is known to come to the gym every day, ready to get down to the brass tacks of things. His time in the gym is sacred, and he makes sure that every minute is accounted for in terms of putting forth all of his effort.

“He’s what you want in a player,” head coach Tom Curle said. “He’s never satisfied with where he’s at, and that’s a good thing.”

The Cards have only two games left of the regular season, as they will face Brockport and Geneseo on their home court. Luckily they have Patron, who is a new face to both opponents, which adds to the many advantages that Patron has brought to the team this year.

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