Wednesday, May 5, 2021

In the Cards

Joseph Kile, a public relations major at SUNY Plattsburgh and member of the men’s hockey team, has felt frustration and dismay toward this hockey season due to the pandemic. He is itching to play a true game.

“It has been over a year since we have played a game,” Kile said. “We didn’t touch the ice once in the first semester. The second semester we got to skate for a few months and that was nice. It has been a huge adjustment and very frustrating. It will be another seven months before our next game.”

Kile believes there are a few set factors that help make a team successful. He believes these factors are also true for the coaches and staff when it comes to success.

“I personally think communication is the most important aspect,” Kile said. “That goes from us on the team all the way up to our coaching staff. If we all have open forms of communication, it makes a lot of things easier both on and off the ice. When a team is able to openly communicate and hold each other accountable, we can all pull the rope in the same direction toward a common goal. It can be very powerful.”

Kile tries to set standards for the rest of the team when they practice. He believes that hard work and dedication can go a long way, especially when it comes to his hockey team.

“I try to lead by example whenever I can,” Kile said. “I like to do the right things, be a good person, and have a great work ethic. I think leading is very powerful and it is something I have always done and will continue to do. Yet, at the same time I am still only a sophomore and look forward to improving my leadership skills as I become an upperclassman next year. On the team we have many leaders, we have some great captains but I think people can still be great leaders without a letter on their jersey.”

Jake Sutton met Kile in eighth grade. They grew up together playing sports and enjoying summer activities. They are now on the men’s hockey team.

“Joey’s personality is very outgoing and always wants to go do any activity,” Sutton said.  “He can make friends with just about anybody and just likes to have fun whether it’s playing basketball or going to fish. He is a very funny dude, and a good hockey player as well. He likes to keep it loose and fun. But, he knows how to focus and be serious as well.”

Stephen Moffat, the coach for the men’s hockey team, believes Kile has a great passion for the team.

“He is a smart player, he has a high hockey IQ,” Moffat said. “He has a nose for the net and a lethal shot. Joe gained confidence as the year went on really played well for us coming down the stretch. I see Joe’s role growing each year as he develops.”






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