Wednesday, May 29, 2024

In the Cards: Barber inspires, supports track and field teammates                                                                                             

Jonas Ward                                                                                                               

Janyll Barber is a double major at SUNY Plattsburgh and also on the women’s track team. Her majors are Fitness and Wellness Leadership and Nutrition. She is a competitive player on the track team and also loves to support her friends.

“I would say I’m selfless, but very competitive,” Barber said. “I think my teammates look up to me, the Plattsburgh State track team is a very supportive group. We all cheer each other on and support one another.”

Barber’s track season has been affected because of the pandemic like a lot of other student athletes. Her team has had to make changes to continue practice during the pandemic.

“It has been hard to train and I miss not being able to be a whole team, since we have to practice in small groups,” Barber said.

Aislyn McDonough is a good friend of Barber’s. They are both on the women’s track team and she enjoys having Barber as a teammate. McDonough believes Barber is a great role model for new team members.

“She sets a good example for the younger athletes that come on our team,” McDonough said. “Everyone just looks up to her on the team because she is just such a hard worker, she is a great teammate, she will always be there for you, she puts in so much extra work behind the scenes. She really sets a tone for a lot of the other athletes.”

McDonough believes other teammates look up to Barber for support. Barber is always willing to help out friends when they reach out.

“I have never heard her complain before, she is told what to do and she does it,” McDonough said. “She doesn’t say any if, ands or buts. Her work and performance is so obvious during and outside of practice.”

Nicholas Jones, the head track and field coach, thinks Barber is a purposeful athlete. “Janyll is a quiet, but intense student-athlete,” Jones said. “You are more likely to see her lead by action than with words. Janyll is very dedicated and does everything with a purpose.”

Jones knows that Barber is supportive of the team. He notices her kindness and personality to the other teammates regulerary.

“Janyll is a huge role model on our team,” Jones said  “Her quiet focus could be intimidating, but as soon as her teammates have a conversation with her, they are more than comfortable. She has a big heart and demonstrates kindness regularly. These attributes have helped Janyll to elevate those around her.”

Jones believes that Barber’s personality is what makes her so great. He likes the way she treats her teammates and he knows that Barber will be successful academically during the rest of her college career.

“I would say that Janyll’s determination is pretty unique,” Jones said. “ Being a college athlete is no easy task. There are so many things to balance and our season typically goes from mid-October to late-May. Janyll has found a way to be extremely successful academically and athletically all while working multiple jobs.”




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