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Green brings her work ethic everywhere

Plattsburgh State graduate student Misha Green works extensively in the books and hard on the court.

A normal day for Green consists of seeing clients each day periodically for her graduate study. After those appointments, she ventures to her classes, three nights a week.

After getting out of those three hour class sessions, Green’s day is still not even close to over. She then makes her way over to Memorial Hall, a place that has become something of a home for the infinitively talented athlete. It is where Green brings the same work ethic and mentality she has toward her academics and applies it to the hardwood.

For most people, the regular routine of Green’s day would put them on the couch for about a week in hopes of some much needed rest. However, Green has become accustomed to this routine, and although some days may be harder than others, she always shows up to every meeting, class and practice she has with enthusiasm and focus.

“She is the epitome of what you would call a student athlete,” head coach Cheryl Cole said. “I can’t think of a day where I thought to myself, ‘Misha didn’t work hard today.’”

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Although Cole admits there may be some days where Green may not seem as focused, she is proud to say that there has never been a day where there has been a lack of effort on Misha’s part. As the veteran of the team, Green is the role model for everyone on the team, including seniors.

This is a unique aspect of the leadership that Green brings to the Cards.

When some of the players think that they are having a rough day, they take a look at all the meetings and classes Green took part in prior to practice, and it makes them realize maybe their day wasn’t so bad.

“She’s a constant inspiration to me,” freshman guard Meghan Strong said. “She really puts everything into perspective for me, and I think that this helps me a lot in my everyday life.”

In her junior season, Green played in all 26 games for PSUC and was in the starting five for every game but one.

This statistic embodies who Green is as a person. She has been described by her coaches as, “one of the smartest kids we’ve had go through our program.”

During her first semester of graduate school, Green finished with a 3.79 GPA, all while still playing on a collegiate level. Maintaining that type of scholarly success is tough enough, but Green managed to succeed at the highest level all while playing basketball.

However, she doesn’t look at basketball as just another chore to do.

“Basketball is the best part of my day,” Green said. “It’s always been the easiest part of my day.”

Most people ask Green how she manages all of her commitments, but to Green, she sees all of her outstanding accomplishments as taking advantage of every opportunity that has been thrown her way.

“Since I came to Plattsburgh, I tried to get involved in everything I could,” Green said. “I wanted to be the best well-rounded person I could possibly be. I guess everything worked out.”

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