Saturday, May 25, 2024

EDITORIAL: Cardinal Points’ Responsibility

Cardinal Points

Every Friday, Cardinal Points hits the newsstand for the SUNY Plattsburgh community to read. Each week, articles about various topics can be seen in our main three sections; news, opinions and FUSE. Cardinal Points’ goal is to provide accurate information for all students, regardless of the section or story.

Journalism is an important pillar to democracy. Without journalists, there would be no check and balance system keeping readers informed and keeping the institution accountable. As journalists, we must reach below the surface, observe and account for all angles/facts we are given to report to the community about important issues. Cardinal Points reporters take on new assignments each week and uphold journalistic integrity by reporting facts with multiple relevant sources. We conduct face-to-face interviews to get authentic responses and reactions while reporting on a story to ensure that we, as a team, are transparent.

We do not take reporting on sensitive issues lightly. Cardinal Points may occasionally use graphic language only to fully report the present issue in full context. Stories about tragedy and violence may be unavoidable at times because it’s the readers right to remain apprised of current events in their community; therefore, journalists frown upon lessening the severity of a stories’ topic.

We contact sources from all angles of a story to alleviate all biases and produce a concrete report of the event. We try to persevere through times when important sources refuse to speak with us. Despite this, we continue to work through this and get a story out by showing our readers that we were declined by sources.

Change must start with uncomfortable conversations. Cardinal Points’ mission is to report these issues to the student body, so change can happen on campus

Cardinal Points is more than willing to take in criticism, and do the best we can to accommodate our readers and our fellow students. We want the student body to feel heard and respected. This is an element that is essential in our reporting.

Cardinal Points takes the responsibility of informing faculty, staff and students of community news to keep everyone up to date. We work to uphold the freedom of the press by continually putting out new issues weekly.

Cardinal Points gives SUNY Plattsburgh students an unfiltered voice. Change starts with holding our institution accountable.

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