Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Cardinal Watch: Mohammed takes risks, expands business

Fernando Diaz

 Almost 7000 miles away from home, today on our campus there is a student leader who represents the values of hard work, adaptation, and passion. Her name is Ebtisam Abdulhadi Mohammed, born in Ethiopia and CEO of IV Solutions, a tech advertisement start-up.

Mohammed’s childhood was filled with encouragement, support, education and values. The combined efforts of her family and friends are bearing their fruits.

“I love to think about all of my childhood memories,”  Mohammed said. “These memories are my own, and that’s what pushed me to create my personality and character. I have some amazing memories. Most of them are with my family, my siblings, my grandparents and my friends.”

Family is extremely important for Mohammed. This foundation has created what Mohammed uses as the principles for her business, the “family-based business model.” She defines herself as an “open-minded and critical analyst who values time and freedom the most in life.”

The educational experience Mohammed had in her high school years was very important to build up her character.

“I wasn’t an attentive student but was more like a mediocre student that used to play more often than study. But my teachers loved me a lot for my effort, discipline, and extracurricular.” Mohammed said. “Although I participated in different clubs back in school, I was an active participant in the Environmental and English and Literature club the most. I was one of the top 3 essay writers for four consecutive years in high school.”

By being an international student, Mohammed had experienced a new world, she describes that her culture and family have made who she is now and shaped her business ethics.

“My culture shaped me morally and ethically in handling my clients, my business partners, and running a business that enforces culture. I would say that my family plays a strong role in shaping my entrepreneurial behavior.” Mohammed said. “The moral, resource and financial support pushes me to take risks and generate new ideas in my business.”

Coming to Plattsburgh is not a coincidence. Mohammed considers that this college is perfect for multiple factors, it is one of the best schools for business administration, a quiet and safe place, and lastly, a good bang for the buck.

 Currently, Mohammed’s company is working on “digital advertising for car tops,” after many projects, she said that there is room for improvement and growth. The goals and the opportunities are defined since Mohammed is also a “business analyst.”

“I see the company making as many projects as it should and growing in its field throughout and of course multiplying our capital.” Mohammed said, “I see the business thriving especially because we are growing as a country and in demand of automation of systems and policies for implementing modern jobs.”

Mohammed states that she is also a risk-taker, that is the reason she is working so hard toward her major in business administration, to take “calculated” risks and “branch out” her business. 

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