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Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy”

Last Friday, Cardi B dropped her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” last Friday, and as far as I can tell, she’s still killing the female-rap game. With her album going gold on the same day it was released, it is certain that Cardi came to play no games. She worked on this album for months, letting her social media followers know she had to make sure it was right before releasing. An old saying is “Good things come to those who wait,”, and let me be the first to say it was worth the wait.

Her first song, “Get Up 10,” tells the story of how she lived before she was famous. She makes a point that she’s clearing up any assumptions about how she used to make a living. Describing how that made her hungry to succeed, and it is clear that it paid off. A smart move by Cardi B to make this song the first on the album because people need to know who she really is and what she came from to understand why she is the person she is. However, if you still don’t understand, by the second part of the song, Cardi lets it be known for any haters that regardless she’s going to win. You can knock her down nine times, but she’ll get up 10.

“Drip” featuring Migos is one of those songs you could get a good head bump to. There were too many “came through dripping” lines for me. There could have been longer verses to take up the time; Takeoff’s verse was the best out of the Migos. His verse was rapped on a different tempo than the rest of the rappers, and I enjoyed it. It gave me a splash of something different toward the end part of the song. Quavo’s adlibs are always the best, and I always look forward to his parts.

In the next song “Bickenhead”, Cardi clearly states who this song is for. The beat gives off this seductive vibe in the beginning but picks up soon after. This song is another bumper, but it also makes you feel like a bad chick. The chorus and second verse make me think about southern cooking with all the talking about collard greens, cornbread and chicken. The song is catchy and already a hit on Apple music.

This next song is one of my favorites on the album, “Be Careful”. It shows that Cardi can not only rap, but she can sing as well. Even though we got a hint of it in “La Modelo”, the impact is greater because it’s in English, and the beat and chorus are catchy. Letting it be known what she wants relationship wise, she warns her significant other to be careful with her fragile heart. Millennials and Generation Z can probably relate to this song, so I’m sure it’ll get a good amount of plays.

Another favorite of mine is “Best Life” featuring Chance the Rapper. This is a song that I would listen to every morning because it would remind me that I woke up this morning, I am breathing, I am healthy and I am fortunate. It would also remind me that no matter what’s going on, I’m living my best life. Even if something is wrong, and you do take a loss, be like Chance the Rapper and turn all your L’s into lessons.

“Ring” featuring Kehlani is another catchy tune for all the men who don’t treat their significant other the proper way. It explains how she feels in the situation and what she wants now. Kehlani’s vocals bring something extra to the song that’s pleasant. The chorus has been stuck in my head for quite some time as well.

The last song on the album, “I do” is a nice way to end. Giving women a boost of confidence to feel good about themselves. It is a reminder that you can do whatever you please. SZA adds some spice with the chorus using a different tone every time she says, “what I like I do, I do.”

Listening to the album in order from start to finish multiple times has led me to the conclusion that each song gets better and better after one another. The album cover is bright just like Cardi B’s future if she continues to rise and rap the way she does. “Invasion of Privacy” gets four out of five stars from me, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

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