Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Cardi B makes feminist history

From exotic dancing in The Bronx, NY to performing at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, Cardi B has made quite the come up. Born as Belcalis Almanzar, she started off working at the Amish Market in TriBeCa until an incident occurred.

She helped a co-worker out by giving him or her a discount. One of the store’s managers said that she is so pretty and has a nice body, suggesting that she may be cut out for a different line of work.
She then began working across the street from her previous job as an exotic dancer. Leading to her becoming an internet sensation. She would post videos on Instagram ranting about different topics, and viewers loved it.

Her funny and care-free personality got noticed by VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop NY producers. She joined the cast for season six and definitely made her mark. She got into an altercation with another cast member on the show. She then explained what happened and became even more of a sensation for saying, “once a girl beefs with me, she’s going to beef with me forever!”

That line became a common saying over the internet. Cardi decided to turn the saying into a song last year, calling it “foreva.” Teaming up with Love & Hip-Hop co-star SwiftOnDemand to produce the song made Cardi even bigger on the celebrity charts.

It was not her first song; however, it was the song that started her success as a rapper. Cardi made the wise decision to use the reality tv show as a way to promote her music. She then dropped her second mixtape within a matter of six months.

Cardi then decided to quit Love & Hip Hop to solely focus on her music. She released her single ‘Bodak Yellow’ which is currently a hit around the nation. The song was number one on the hot 100 Billboard charts up until the week of Oct. 28.

Her recent engagement to Migos member Offset is another accomplishment to add under her belt. Many have expressed their concerns because the two have only been dating since February. However, we do not know what goes on behind closed doors, so all we can do is watch from the sidelines and wish the couple nothing but the best.

Cardi B’s story is one where we can say she actually started from the bottom and made her way to the top through hard work. Through all her fame and riches, she still remains humble, never forgetting where she came from.

She has her own apartment in New Jersey; however, she prefers to stay at her grandmother’s house when she’s not on the road. She explained that there is a certain kind of love that she feels when she is at her grandmother’s as opposed to when she’s at her apartment.

Cardi B is not the first person to make such a come up, but she is definitely the first one to do so as quickly as she did. She has that hard-working character trait and plans to keep it. In an interview with The Fader, she says, “Am I ever gonna grow thick skin? No. I just gotta focus on making money. Cause ain’t no going back. I’m gonna be famous forever.”

Congratulations Cardi B. You made it big just by being yourself and working hard. You deserve all your success.

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