Friday, March 31, 2023

Student Association approves club funds

Ethnic food and professional development were the talk of SUNY Plattsburgh’s Student Association this Wednesday night, as senators debated the passing of four new business appeals, two of which asked for help within educational funding.

The annual Accounting and Finance trip to Boston is an opportunity for students to network and create connections with SUNY Alumni that could benefit students’ future careers. The trip requires $4,000 in support. Students will get to visit finance panels to experience the backstory of those in the financial and finance firm field. The SA only allows $30,000 for travel grants per semester, according to Hartman. After approval, that trip now takes a small chunk of that fund.

“It’s a phenomenal experience for students to go on this trip,” Vice President of Student Affairs Bryan Hartman said.

The Association of Black Journalists also pitched for the approval of a $200 travel grant to help pay for the transportation of guest speaker Mya Kay. A woman in the media field, she would fly from Philadelphia to Burlington into Plattsburgh to speak at the club’s annual brunch  Nov. 2.

The event would consist of Kay discussing professional development in the communications field and insight into making connections, according to Treasurer Russia Bulls and Event Planner Lola Adekoya.

About 50 students are estimated to attend the ticketed event, and with SA’s approval the $597.65 trip is now covered.

A new ethnic club venue is now ensured as well, due to the passing of an Operating Permit. Algonquin Dining Hall is now unavailable for ethnic club meals such as the Chinese Association, and the new location of operation will be the Sundowner. However, the Health Department requires the passing of this permit to operate, which granted approval quickly by the Senate board.

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