Wednesday, March 29, 2023

In the Cards: Spadinger competes in final season

Jonas Ward

Bella Spadinger, a senior business administration and accounting major, plays for the women’s softball team at SUNY Plattsburgh. Spadinger is a hardcore player on the team, and she looks forward to a good challenge.

“On the field, I would say I am resilient and determined, but I like to have fun too.” Spadinger said.

Spadinger has always been an active athlete. She remembers from a young age that she loved playing softball. Over the years, she has found that softball became her niche sport.

“I can’t remember how I got into softball,” Spadinger said. “I have been playing since I was four, but I have loved it since I started playing even from that young of an age.”

Spadinger has a  tight-knit team. Her team looks out for each other during practice and also during games. Her team exudes fun personalities on top of taking care of each other.

“I look up to my teammates and my teammates look up to me,” Spadinger said. “We have a team where we always have everyone’s back and are willing to help each other no matter what. It’s important to have a team culture that is welcoming and fun and where everyone can express themselves.”

Spadinger’s softball season has been altered because of the ongoing pandemic. Comparing this season to past seasons, many things have had to change to allow her team to keep playing.

“The season has been shortened to playing half the teams that we normally play,” Spadinger said. “Instead of playing every team in the SUNYAC, we now are playing four teams instead of the eight teams that we would in a regular season. This year, the team was unable to go to Florida for spring training, which is where they play multiple games and get some experience before going into regular league play. Spadinger, who lost her junior season  to the pandemic, is grateful for the opportunity to have a senior season.

Spadinger is going to be graduating soon, and she is excited for her future.

“I am excited to have one last season and I couldn’t be happier to have the teammates and coaching staff that I do this year to finish up my last season,” Spadinger said.

Emily Nagle, one of Spadinger’s best friends, formed a great friendship while playing softball.

“I met Bella my freshman year here at Plattsburgh,” Nagle said. “We were on the same team and once we started spending time together we became inseparable.”

Nagle explained that Spadinger has a welcoming aura. She says that Spadinger is friendly and  somebody to look up to on the team.

“Bella has a very vibrant personality, she brings the energy up in any room,” Nagle said. “She is also a very loyal friend who would do anything for her people. I absolutely look up to Bella as a role model, especially on the field. When she steps on the dirt you know it’s game time and every player should aspire to play like her.”

Nagle explained that Spadinger faced many challenges on the softball team. She described Spadinger as a motivated and dedicated player who has come far since she started playing.

“Bella has worked and dug her feet into the dirt all four years here at Plattsburgh,” Nagle said. “She has faced a lot of adversity that I praise her for getting through. Bella is a strong and independent woman who deserves all that she works for.”



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