2 Replies to “Liquor banned from frat parties starting next fall

  1. Ironically, Tau Kappa Epsilon is not a meme we of NIC. Withdrew a few years ago. However, they do have similar policies of their own.

  2. Article raises more questions than it answers. While I never knew there was a governing body for fraternities, I do wonder why they have a party policy.

    Technically, the majority of fraternity members are underage anyway and shouldn’t have access to any alcohol, let alone hard liquor, as it would be illegal for then to consume it and illegal for those above 21 to serve them even at a party. Would the majority of fraternity members in fraternity houses or attending fraternity parties not be under 21? So wouldn’t the law be applicable anyway? It makes an organisation’s policy feel redundant when underage students drink despite the legal consequences.

    It also isn’t clear as to why sororities can’t have parties and how a governing body for fraternities decides that. Is there not a governing body for sororities specifically? If not, why is an organization for men getting to tell the women what they can and cannot do?
    Who enforces no parties? How is party defined in this sense, since people still want to celebrate life events?

    I’m left feeling like there is information missing. Also, might want to get a copy editor for those rogue bits of punctuation planting themselves where they should not be. A period is missing and one appears at the end of the penultimate word on a sentence rather than the end of the sentence. Also, some of the quotes from people sound a bit dodgy. I get they might speak with slightly askew grammar but it could be tidied up for clarity.

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