Thursday, March 30, 2023

Campus Dining sells spring baked goods

Jeremy Binning

Spring is just around the corner and with many clubs and activities coming back since the start of the pandemic, the campus bakery is selling baked goods for the upcoming spring season.

“We consider this to be a service to the campus community,” Chris Mihaly, the resident district manager, who oversees offerings, pricing, quality, and logistics for the program said. The event is run by campus dining and the campus bakery and will be available for pickup on April 2nd between noon and 1:00 p.m.

Some of the baked goods that will be offered vary from treats such as strudels, hot cross buns, banana bread, cakes, as well as a variety of other baked goods. Jonathan Benjamin, a resident of Plattsburgh heard about the news of the campus bakery offering baked goods through a few of his friends and was planning on buying some after hearing about it.

“I think it’s a great idea that the campus is offering this especially since the pandemic shut everything down. It’s different buying these treats from big-name stores because these bakeries are more fresh so I am definitely looking forward to buying from there.”

The program was unable to offer the baked goods last year because the coronavirus breakout shut down all in-person campus activity. Mihaly explained that the program also tries to do a similar service during Thanksgiving where they also sell baked goods for the holiday season.

Christina Bonne-Année, a third-year undergraduate student, is also planning on buying treats from the bakery as well and also expressed her excitement and explained how much she is looking forward to buying some.

“I have a sweet tooth for sure so I was definitely excited to hear that the campus bakery was offering this. It also is nice to have something on campus be open again that I can go to,” Bonne-Annee said. “Since the pandemic shut everything down, it’s been feeling lonely and sad walking around campus so I’m looking at this as the first step to campus coming back to normal.”

Spring Baked Goods are already offered for purchase at their local retail locations. One place that is available is Sanborn Avenue right next to Banks hall. The Spring Baked Goods are already open for shop and orders can also be made for pick up that will be available April 2nd at the Sanborn Avenue location.

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