Thursday, October 6, 2022

In the Cards: Bjelko competes for track and volleyball

Bio-med major finds time to compete in two sports

Jonas Ward

Kaitlyn Bjelko, better known as KB by her friends, decided to branch out from the women’s volleyball team, to the women’s track team. She is a junior track and field thrower and biomedical major at SUNY Plattsburgh. Bjelko’s friends acknowledged her athleticism and wanted her to try different things.

Bjelko was already a part of the women’s volleyball team, when she decided to try competing for the track team to see her friends more. Her friends thought she would do well on the team, which motivated her to join.

“I didn’t compete in high school, but the coaches gave me a chance, and I’m thankful for that,” Bjelko said.

Andrew Krug is the coach for the women’s track and field team. Krug thinks that Bjelko is a fantastic member on the team.

“KB is a dependable, hardworking, and a fun student-athlete,” Krug said. “When she started with us freshman year, she was very quiet and reserved. But as time went on, she opened up and became more vocal and she started to show her personality a bit more.”

Bjelko chose her major because she cares for people, and she wants to make a difference. Her major will help her in the future to attain her goals.

“I chose to be a biomedical major because I have always wanted to help people,” Bjelko said. “I want to be a psychiatrist and help end the stigma around mental health.”

Bjelko is working with her teammates to have the best season they possibly can during the new pandemic regulations.

“There are a lot of new COVID protocols that we have to follow like social distancing, smaller pod type groups, and fewer meets,” Bjelko said. “It’s been tough, but I’m happy that we got a season, even if it is with restrictions.”

When she’s not in class or at a track meet, Bjelko has many hobbies that keep her happy during the pandemic.

“In my free time I like to hike, watch funny videos, workout, listen to good music and play Mario Kart with my friends,” Bjelko said. “My favorite superhero show is The Flash.”

Bliss Rhoads is one of Bjelko’s best friends. They are both on the track and field team and both practice throwing.

“We are among a few of the oldest throwers still on the team,”Bjelko said. “It’s super fun we get to push each other to get better while still having fun and doing something we both really enjoy.”

Rhoads thinks highly of Bjelko. She thinks that Bjelko is a fantastic person who is very selfless and also caring towards others.

“My favorite quality about KB is that she always thinks of others first,” Rhoads said. “She is always just wanting to have everyone be happy and have a good time.”

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