Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Tretowicz awarded SUNYAC Rookie of the Week

After 4 consecutive losses, the Plattsburgh State men’s hockey team managed to beat Potsdam with a finishing score of 6-1.

The Cardinals have had good practices this week. 

“Everyone’s in a better mood, obviously winning feels great and everyone’s happy” freshman defenseman Ryan Hogg said. 

PSU traveled to Potsdam this past Saturday to face the Potsdam Bears and inevitably won the match due to starting off the game strong.

According to freshman forward and PrestoSports SUNYAC Men’s Ice Hockey Rookie of the Week, Adam Tretowicz, PSU got off to a much better start this week. 

“When we get off to a good start like we did on Saturday with a starting score of 3-0 in the first period, we tend to do a lot better because the team is in high spirits.” Tretowicz said. 

Although getting the title of PrestoSports SUNYAC Rookie of the Week is an individual award, Tretowicz said he likes to think of it as a team award because he couldn’t do it without his teammates. 

Within the first period senior forward and alternate captain Joe Drabin, Hogg, and Tretowicz each scored a goal. 

Drabin started the game off with an assist from freshman forward Mitchell Hale and Tretowicz to gain the Cards their first point. 

At 11:07 in the first period, Tretowicz gained another point for PSU with an assist from sophomore defenseman Austin Anselmo and Drabin.

After having come back from an injury, Hogg managed to make the score 3-0, scoring his fifth goal of the season before the end of the first period. He said he wanted to help out the team and thinks everyone came together and had a good game.

Hogg stated that making the goal “felt sick,” and he is “going to try to make 3 more goals” before the season ends.

The Bears finally made it onto the scoreboard in the second period when Thomas Terranova scored. 

Bryce Ferrel shortly followed, gaining another point for Potsdam. However, Drabin responded by adding another point to the scoreboard in favor of the Cards. 

The score remained 4-2 until the third period when Robert Clerc of Potsdam scored during a powerplay goal.

The game then tied 4-4 at 6:30 of the third period. The shot was made by Paul Michura. 

Tretowicz then scored for the second time that night, making the score 5-4 in favor of PSU.

Senior forward and alternate captain Ryan Kuhn then scored for the Cards. Devin Penzeca of Potsdam scored with 13 seconds remaining, finishing the night with a final score of 6-5, in favor of PSU. 

“It was a game that kind of determines the rest of our season” freshman forward Hunter Alden said. 

With the win this past weekend, PSU must win two more games to be able to make it to the SUNYAC. 

“It put us in a pretty good spot for playoffs and it feels good for going forward into next weekend.” Hogg said.

Hogg also said, moving forward, he thinks the Cards will be working on power plays because they always have to work on that. 

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