Thursday, May 6, 2021

Students sticking around for summer

During the summer, most Plattsburgh State students head home for vacation, while some stay up in the area for different reasons and ventures.

PSUC psychology major Natasha Vuozzo has spent a couple summers up in Plattsburgh. Vuozzo’s plan this summer is to continue to work at Stewart’s and pick up yet another job to save up money for grad school.

“Last year it was really quiet compared to when there was students here,” Vuozzo said. “I actually got to know a lot of people from where I live (Renaissance) because there weren’t as many people living up here. We played soccer during the day, so it was pretty cool and pretty chill.”

Vuozzo said when she does hang out with the locals, they visit the Naked Turtle. “For me, personally, I don’t love drinking that much,” she said. “When I do drink, it’s more of a social thing because I’m hanging out with people.”

Vuozzo said she enjoys many activities offered during the summer in the North Country. “If I can go hiking, I will. When I have personal time, I’ll go see a sunset. I don’t know if that’s a typical experience for students, but I enjoy it.”

As PSUC students begin to trickle out of town, Vuozzo said she notices a change in the atmosphere in Plattsburgh.

“I feel like when I’m here during the school year there’s a lot of college kids, and they’re all over the place. I think the town kind of gets a bad rep for instance, misbehavior from students,” Vuozzo said.

“You get to enjoy the beauty of Plattsburgh. Down by the water when the boats are out, it’s amazing.”

PSUC nursing major Kelly Martin may also be staying in Plattsburgh for the summer to work in the PSUC student gardens and volunteer. Martin already works with MVP Kids, a nonprofit organization that plans activities with children who have autism.

Like Vuozzo, Martin plans to spend much of her time outdoors. “I’d be hiking, swimming and biking. A ton of my friends are staying up here for the summer, so I’d be going down to Ausable. One of my friends is working at the North Country Creamery, and I’d be hanging out with some cows.”

Kelly also said that one of her favorite spots is along the Saranac River. “All of my friends are musically inclined, so I’m sure they’d bring their instruments,” she said. “However my summer goes, I know it will be good here because Plattsburgh’s gorgeous over the summer.”

Martin said she enjoys summer because it is a time to relax and de-stress.

“I can commit to something and not have to worry about taking time from something else,” she said.

Nicole Nelson, a bartender at Olive Ridley’s, agreed that the town is quieter during the summer.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we slow down too much because we have a good demographic here for the bar and our patrons,” Nelson said. “You can definitely tell that things change. You can actually drive down Rugar Street without having to worry about hitting anyone.”

Nelson also mentioned the students who do come in to the bar during the summer tend to come a bit earlier in the evening than they would have had they been up here at school.

“At night you can tell the difference,” Nelson said. “Bono’s isn’t as packed at 2 a.m.”

PSUC environmental studies major Eluise Vaz will also be staying in Plattsburgh for the summer. During the last two weeks of summer she’ll be spending her time with the international student orientation, but until then she hopes to spend her time as a tour guide for Chartwells.

Vaz said that she will spend her time watching Netflix and traveling.

“A couple of my friends will be here, so hangouts, bowling, watching movies, the gym and maybe the beach,” she said. “I want to be productive, so I’ve spoken to professors about if they need volunteers. I’m trying to keep myself busy and not watch Netflix for the whole thing.”

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