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Martin nurses, nutures PSUC campus

You feel a sense of calm and positivity when you meet senior nursing major Kelly Martin for the first time. People who have crossed paths with her agree that she has a kind heart and always willing to give a helping hand. That selflessness has endeared her to many on the Plattsburgh State campus.

Martin has alway puts others first. Her commitment to helping people in need has never wavered.

That desire is something Kelly Martin has had for as long as she could remember. Being a part of the nursing program became a natural fit.

“I like the aspect of caring for people. I think everyone in the major has the same feeling” Martin said. “I enjoy the sciencey parts of nursing as well.”

Martin said she took a chance with the program. She recalls her time at Mount Sinai hospital, where she worked at over the summer and other experiences as what kind of sold her on this career path.

“When you’re in the environment you just realize why you’re there” Martin said. “Whether it’s an interaction with a patient or a family member. “That stuff sticks with you. It’s priceless.”

Besides being focused on her major, Martin has taken the time to be involved in campus life during her tenure at PSUC. During her freshman year she helped with the food gardens, she’s currently the secretary of the food group club. “She was working with food group and wanted to donate food downtown and she just went for it” PSUC senior english major and sister Shannon Martin said. “She puts all her effort into it. she’s like that with everything in her life.” Shannon knows first hand what type of person Kelly is.

“Kelly has always been a very giving person,” Shannon said. “She always looked after me” Shannon mentioned she always thought Kelly would get a job where she was helping people but she never thought it would be nursing at first. “We never had any nurses in the families until her,” Shannon said.

“It’s a really good fit for her because she’s a very organized person and be kind and loving,” Shannon said. “She can make that balance work.” Shannon said she appreciates the unique opportunity they both have.

“Its nice to be able to go to college with your sister. Not a lot of people can say that,” Shannon said. “I came here a year after her, and she’s been there to support me.” Shannon said even though their majors are very different, they’ve always been able to come together and help each other out.

On top of being a part of the food group club Kelly is also a health peer educator for the Center for Student Involvement.

“I work with Rhema Lewis and I do a lot of outreach for sexual assault prevention and STI/STD prevention,” Martin said. “I’m the type of person that if I have extra free time then might as well fill it with something that might help someone.”

Health Educator and Outreach Coordinator Rhema Lewis can attest to that.

“She is always willing to help” Lewis said. “She’s the one we go to do anything whether it be marketing or outreach.”

Martin has worked for Lewis since her freshman year and just recently became a lead health peer educator.

“She’s in charge of her peers” Lewis said. “She is in the position where she is managing the health peer education team.”

One thing that has stuck with Lewis since she met Martin is how passionate she is about what she does on campus.

“She’s amazing. She started the food recovery program with campus dining where anything that might be discarded is now donated” Lewis said. “She did that single handedly.”

Lewis said that many people are passionate but don’t have the discpline to get things done and that Kelly doesn’t have that pronblem. “No matter what time it is she’ll get it done and you can trust her.”

PSUC senior nursing major Hannah Alexander said she always feels a level of a sense of assurance whenever she is around Kelly.

“I remember it was finals weeks and she was so calm. I was so stressed out and she was like ‘we got this you’re going to be fine,’ Alexander said. “She’s always been that way. She’s focused, she doesn’t freak out, she knows what she wants to do and goes for it. She’s so positive.”

Alexander said that Kelly is humble and is always thinking about what more she can do to help people on campus and in the community.

‘Not once is she is like I’m doing this for me,’ Alexander said. “It’s all for others and what she can do next. I’m sure she’ll do great things.”

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