Monday, May 20, 2024

Social media effect

Today’s technology has corrupted the way we build relationships with the people around us. A simple text, Snapchat, Facebook message or “like” on Twitter can change the view of someone you’ve been “talking to” for the past month. It’s easier now than ever to know who’s crushing on whom, and it’s just as easy to ruin a good thing by seeing something you wish you didn’t.

When you look at your boo’s best friends on Snapchat and see that your name isn’t the one with the red heart next to it, you now know you aren’t the only one. The next time you go downtown, you see him talking to another girl, and you start to see things in a different light.

After he posts a #TBT with his boys, you see that she liked his picture and added a cute little comment.

How sweet.

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Soon you see how many of her tweets he has liked during the time he was hanging out with you. Now, you’re pretty much over the whole thing and don’t want to see him ever again.

There was a time I thought the guy I was “talking to” wanted to be with only me. He really had me fooled. After a few weeks of doing homework together, going out on the weekends, drunkenly getting pizza together and having fun in general, I realized how hung up on his ex he really was.

It didn’t take much for me to find out he was sneaking around behind my back. Just a screenshot of a few texts and looking at some of his Twitter likes did the job. With the help of technology and social media, I found out more than I wanted to know. Seeing snapchats of him making out with some other girl at a party didn’t help his case either.

Using all of this information as a reason to stop seeing him makes me feel like a psycho, and I’m sure that word will slip out of his mouth when my name comes up to his buddies this weekend after a few too many beers.

Dating in general seems to be something so non-existent that when people do start dating, it’s basically a test to see how long they last. No one knows how to be in a relationship anymore. Sometimes, I wish this technology didn’t exist so I wouldn’t have these experiences to worry about.

Most people our age think romance is leaving the bar with that hot frat boy you’ve had your eye on for a while and having sex that both of you partially remember the next day instead of getting lunch and seeing a movie on a Sunday afternoon. Even if you did go on an actual date, you would both probably be on your phones the entire time anyway because that’s how most social interactions tend to go nowadays.

It seems taboo to do anything but watch movies together and expect to have sex after hanging out for a few days. We live in a generation of hookups and people who are afraid to have feelings for someone. This is something I didn’t realize until I started college, and it still holds true.

Commitment isn’t a thing on anyone’s mind anymore, and it’s frustrating to be surrounded by people who just want to hit it and quit it when it’s not your style at all.

I blame technology and social media for this problem we face.

So please, stop scrolling through your ex’s Twitter likes, and go to wing night with your friends instead of that frat that is having some weird formal thing on a Wednesday night. You’ll probably meet someone who will take your mind off him anyway.

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