Thursday, January 21, 2021

SA members present ideas for new term

The executive council met Monday to discuss the events of the previous week, as well as upcoming events and activities.

To begin, Vice Presidents Vrinda and Ashley Lester expressed their satisfaction at the attendance of both the Black Lives Matter forum and the first pride parade that Plattsburgh has has hosted. The pride parade was organized by the Adirondack North Country Gender Alliance who outlined their mission in a recent press release.

“Our mission with this event is to bring members of the LGBTQ community and their allies together to stand hand in hand to promote love, acceptance, respect, and unity. Our goal is to promote these values for all people in our area and our world regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and any other expression or identity that makes us special and unique.”

As the meeting continues President Michael Kimmer mentions the SA logo contest that both he and Lester have created. While discussing who will potentially judge the contest Vice President of Clubs and Organizations Taeko Kelly suggested the identities of the artists who submit logos remain anonymous in order to maintain objectivity and prevent a conflict of interests.

The possibilities of a cash prize was discussed in order to create incentives for artists to submit their ideas.

Executive Vice President Isabella Sofia informed the council of her continuing work on legislation she plans to introduce during next week’s Student Council meetings. Simultaneously, Kimmer said he intends to introduce new legislations as well within the upcoming meetings. The introduction of new legislation proceeds impending ratification of the new Student Association’s constitution that will be implemented in January.

In light of the recent trip bus trip to Montreal, Vice President of Student Affairs Arin Cotel-Altman remarked, “Thank you VP Kelly and Speaker of the Senate Lewis for being bus leaders for the Burlington trip, I heard wonderful things from the bus company so that was a success. The next trip is November 5th and I am trying to make it to Montreal. There will be another Burlington trip December 3rd”

Additionally Cotel-Altman reminded the council of Diversity Speaker Justin Jones Fosu’s visit to Plattsburgh State October 18 at 6 p.m. in the Warren Ballrooms.

Concluding the meeting, VP of Academics Vrinda addressed the council of the successful coordination between the library and Student Association.

She introduced the “Super Sundays” plan, a program to enable students access to the library during extended hours during the midterm and finals week.

“I was speaking to the library officials to have the concept of ‘Super Sundays.’ They have approved it for every Sunday after midterms week. This is exciting and something to look forward to.”

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