Wednesday, July 28, 2021

PSUC travels to Brockport for SUNYACs

The Plattsburgh State track and field team traveled to Utica last weekend for the last time this season as they prepared to compete in the SUNYAC Indoor Championships.

The Cardinals proved their ability to succeed and demonstrated their strength and dedication in Utica, and heading into the Championships, which begin today in Brockport, the team feels confident as a whole.

“We have a chance to do better than what we have done in the past because everyone has been really successful this season and hitting personal records almost every meet,” senior Kelly Siry said.

Siry finished in fourth place during the 400-meter dash with a time of 1:02.80 in Utica, which was one of the many achievements the Cards tallied.

The 4×200-meter relay team consisting of juniors Kyle Jones and Eric Denny, sophomore Sobaan Ayub and freshman Brian Fabian stole the show with an ECAC qualifying time of 1:31.83. Their second-place time bumped the relay team into the top-ten times in the ECAC.

The team of freshman Andrea Cortina, senior Megan Schweizer and sophomores Lindsey Davenport and Ashlee Estes powered together to a first place finish as well in the 4×400 meter relay with a time of 4:26.81.

Schweizer also finished in second place during the 800-meter run with a time of 2:23.88.

When anyone on PSUC competes, a clear mind is key to letting go of the hustle and bustle of the outskirts of the environment and taking off. The hectic atmosphere can be a challenge to some of the Cards, but they have everything outlined down to the crowd.

“The more I stress out, the worse I do, so I do a mental exercise to help me relieve stress,’ Siry said. “I don’t think about running at all before I start running.”

Currently, the Cards are resting their bodies in order to compete in the most important meet of the season this upcoming weekend. They are also using this time to motivate one another to mentally prepare themselves for what’s about to take place in Brockport.

“Teammates that push you every day is very motivating and helps us to achieve our personal goals,” sophomore Lindsey Davenport said.

This philosophy is felt throughout all the athletes, who want to help each other and are united as a team.

“We all have similar goals, so we all share that bond of wanting to be the best,” Megan Schweizer said.

As the Cards head to the most important and anticipated meet of their season, there is no evident stress amongst the players, and their energy has channeled into a great amount of excitement as a team.

“Overall, we have been having a very successful season,” Siry said. “We work hard daily and stay healthy, and it’s shown on the track because people have run their best being at the top of the list. We will take it a little bit easier on our bodies just so we are well rested and ready to perform our best this weekend.”

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