Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Determination brings Davenport the distance

Since being recruited her junior year of high school, Lindsey Davenport has gradually adapted and excelled at being a long distance runner for Plattsburgh State’s cross country team.
Davenport has been running since seventh grade while playing other sports such as softball and soccer.

Coming from Webster, NY, Davenport finalized her decision to run for Plattsburgh State after receiving the Presidential Scholarship upon admission.

With a strong background in track and field, adapting to the differences of cross country proved to be difficult for Davenport, but it wasn’t anything her determination couldn’t fix.
“It was a difficult transition, starting a new training program and learning to trust the coach and the team,” Davenport said.

Although the transition may not have been easy, Davenport eventually found her footing and started to excel.

“There is a huge feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a long run,” Davenport said.

Cross country head coach Andrew Krug said that her greatest skill as an athlete is her leadership and her willingness to expand in events while still running fast times.
Davenport has come into her own as team captain this season using her outgoing personality to her advantage to communicate with her teammates.

“I always looked up to my captains,” Davenport said. “It’s interesting being the one that people ask questions and look up to.”

She is constantly working on maintaining an open line of communication with her teammates and establishing team chemistry by doing team bonding events whenever they can.

The cross country team has recently been bonding through trips to Rulf’s Orchard and dyeing the tips of their hair red for last weekend’s SUNYAC Championship in which they finished second.
“It’s important as a captain to make sure we all work with each other and hear other people’s ideas.” Davenport said.

The highlight of the season for Davenport was the Saratoga Invitational at SPAC because the whole team finished well and their hard work paid off.

Krug describes Davenport as an “exemplary student athlete” whose hard working attitude and self-discipline makes her stand out.

“Her strength in academics definitely carries over to the track,” Krug said. “You can always count on her to get it done and compete at a high level.”
Davenport was the Regional All Academic Individual for cross country. The award goes to the student that finishes in the top 25% with a 3.3 GPA.

Davenport attributes her academic and athletic success to her determination and her time management skills.

“Time management is super important,” Davenport said. ”Planning ahead just makes everything possible.”

Davenport applies her outgoing personality and amazing work ethic to the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, Spanish Club and Pre-Med Club. When she isn’t at school, she is curling up with a good book or visiting with her friends.

Davenport is working hard academically as a Biology and Spanish Double Major. Davenport plans to go to graduate school to become a physician assistant in a Spanish speaking community.
The drive for this career path stems from a study abroad program that Davenport participated in where she worked in a hospital and lived with families in Nicaragua.

Davenport’s parents, Michele and Glenn, said that from a very early age her determination, compassion and drive was something that set her apart.
“She’s got a great heart,” Glenn said. “She always takes other people’s feelings into consideration.”


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