10 Replies to “Plattsburgh State’s beloved dining hall cashier retiring in December

  1. i had the pleasure of interacting with Penny from 2001-2006. She is a great lady. Almost all the time she would be the first person to hear about our drunk escapades the night before and instead of judging, she would laugh with us.!
    God bless her!

  2. Ms. Penny your retirement name should be Ms. Million. Being Alumni mens basketball team Curtis Smith from 2003-2006 your one very powerful woman. You touched millions of students, parents and faculty members all over campus. You can never be replaced. Your the campus mother and a special professor. The communication that you would tell a parent but when your 300 plus miles away from NYC you was a shoulder a ear for the students going through different situations. You supported our basketball team and cheered behind our bench. Enjoy your retirement well deserved and God bless you Mama Penny. Love you. Men’s basketball team Curtis Smith. 03-06. She is our Legend glad you could be a part of my life.

  3. Penny,

    I just want to say thank you. I dont know if you remember me but I was a PSU student from 03-07. I remember talking to you about my classes and how I wanted to become a history teacher. One day I went to Clinton dinning hall for lunch you had something for me. You had bought me two dress shirts to wear as I started student teaching. I will always remember this. I am now an 11th and 12th grade US history teacher. Thank you for your support.


  4. Penny, congratulations! You have had more of an impact on my life than I ever thanked you for. So Thank You!

  5. Penny was a great addition to my college experience at PSU. And I got her to eat a double stuffed oreo full of toothpaste april fools day one year, she laughed about it every time I saw her for the next 2 years.

  6. Jason , you are my favorite student of all time . Every time I think of you my heart smiles ! Love you much !

  7. I always loved seeing Penny’s smiling face at the dining hall. I will never forget how she wanted to check out my earrings everyday to see what pair I was wearing. Happy retirement Penny!

  8. Penny,
    Thank you for being so kind and warmed our heart with your wonderful smile!!!

    I was an international student at PSU from 2005-2009. I still remember talking to you at the Clinton, and you taught me a new English word each time when you swiped my dining card!!!

    Also it was really cute when you become as a crown for carnival events at right outside of the dining hall!!!

    Please keep your lovely smile.
    You definitely made my college life!

  9. Hi, you may not know me but I think you’re the nicest person I have ever met. I had 2 wonderful years at Plattsburgh (2009-2010) before I transfer to University of South Florida (Tampa). If you’re retired, please please please go to Tampa or St. Pete, the weather is so nice, people are kind, and mostly, the beaches. Sit back and relax, you deserve that 🙂
    All the best,

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