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New device brings varying views

It seems that flip-phones, Walkman CD players, and VCR tapes are relics of ancient history. Now people can talk on the phone to their mom, text their friends, listen to music and watch movies all on one device.

The success of Apple’s 2001 release of the iPod and the 2007 release of the iPhone established the company as a leader in the consumer electronics and media sales industry. The global smartphone market experienced a revolution. Since then, we’ve raced to the stores to buy the iPod Touch, the iPad, the iPhone 4, 5, 5C, 6, 6S, and . . . 7?

According to Apple’s website, they describe the aspects of the iPhone 7, with “advanced new camera systems, the best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone, immersive stereo speakers, and splash and water resistance”.

But where’s all the hype around this newest Apple phone?

Plattsburgh State public relations student Kesean Joseph has always anticipated each iPhone release in the past.

“I love music, and I loved texting, so the combination of both an IPod and a phone was heavenly to me,” Joseph said.

However, Joseph did not race to the stores to buy the newest edition on Sept. 7.

The public relations major said: “This iPhone isn’t as much of a surprise or at least not a pleasant one. Maybe I’ll wait for a second edition because usually the first one has a lot of glitches.”

Todd Haselton, a tech blogger for TechnoBuffalo had his thoughts on the phone as well.

“It’s evident that excitement around the iPhone 7 has dwindled compared to previous launches,” he said.

Haselton believed the annual launch of a new iPhone is “too expected” now, but a necessity to the company in order “to appease investors who would shout in dismay if Apple decided not to launch a new product”.

In his eyes, the company should spend a little more time on their newer phones, and build something that the market really wants and needs.

In previous years, it seems the buzz about the “newest iPhone release” would be all people heard about on social media, or as they’d be walking to their next class. Is this excitement being shifted toward the Android phones?

According to TIME magazine, since 2013, Android has proven itself to be a leading competitor, with the percentage of sales being around 51.2 percent compared to IOS 43.5 percent. The percentages are constantly shifting, but Android isn’t losing its ground.

According to the Boy Genius Report, the biggest complaint regarding the iPhone 7 is Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack. The company supplies an adapter, which headphones can plug into, but the phone cannot be charged while headphones are connected. Other complaints, according to BGR, include the battery life being worse than the comparable 6S model, being unable to connect to cellular networks, and an odd “hissing” sound coming from the phone.

PSUC nursing student, Katie Aroune, did buy the iPhone 7, and among her friends, she’s the only one.

“There wasn’t much hype. I think it’s because it’s very very similar to the iPhone 6S, it’s the same size and does basically all the same things,” she said.
However, despite its similarities to the iPhone 6S, this owner of the newest edition doesn’t have any complaints.

“Ever since I got the new phone, I take all the group pictures when I’m with my friends, and my Snapchat quality is way better too. The battery life is also so much better,” Aroune said.
So what was her motive in going out and getting her hands on the newest Apple Smartphone?

“I had the iPhone 5c for two years and it was time for an upgrade,” she said.

Aroune has been loyal to Apple since the iPhone 4.

“For me, it is the most reliable smartphone, the easiest to work and it is all around better than any of the other smartphones,” she said. “Pretty much all my electronics are Apple too so, I would never switch.”

As long as Apple and Android keep releasing smartphones, the trend of their popularity is only increasing according to the International Business Times.

The repetitive nature of Apple’s annual iPhone release may have lost its element of surprise, but one thing people know is that the tech world has never ceased to amaze, and if the public is curious of what will come next for Apple, just ask Siri.

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