Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Jackson brings laughter to PSUC campus

On Sept. 18, comedian Brandon T. Jackson performed at Plattsburgh State. Students lined up outside of the Angell College Center Ballrooms waiting for the clock to hit 8 p.m. in anticipation of what the night would bring.

The preparation for this event began in the middle of last semester. F.E.N.T committee, Cori Jackson the Director of the Center for Student Involvement and Ethan Wilder the Vice President for Activities orchestrated the event. Out of a list of performers, they decided to pick Jackson because they thought people would like comedy better.

“I hope we get to have bigger people like him and more publicity for the school,” Wilder said.

It was a full house and no one walked out either. There were laughs, smiles, and Jackson made it all happen while he was singing and dancing.

“Loved the performance, Plattsburgh should have more events and people of color like this,” Essence Hightower, President of Suny plattsburgh Cares, said.

Jackson said PSUC is one of the best colleges he has been to. He also admitted he didn’t expect there to be so much love for him at PSUC. He did not know about Plattsburgh at all, but he thought it was a lot of fun being here.

“I got to take a break and laugh. The most memorable thing is the audience turn out and how live it was. We definitely have to do this again,” Destiny Ciliberti, a member of F.E.N.T, said.

The crowd was very diverse and big. Many people were eager to comment on the performance.

“The show made me laugh. I give the show a eight out of ten.” Daniella Young, member of African Initiative and SUNY Plattsburgh Care, said

Jackson taped students screaming  his clothing line name, “Kingdom over everything!” The video had students with their phones up and flashlight on. It was posted on Jackson’s instagram after the show.

He even offered to take pictures with everyone. Students lined up for the opportunity and some even got autographs.

 Jackson also opened up about his version of comedy, where it has lead him, his lifestyle and upbringing. Comedy is what got him his acting jobs. He was a comedian first before he was an actor, but comedy started it all.

Jackson grew up in Detroit with the church being a big part in his life because his parents are pastors. He chose comedy instead of being a pastor because he wanted a gateway to people outside of the four walls of church. Jackson said Bob Marley used his truth for his ministry, and Jackson  wants to use comedy for his.

“Truth is funny. It needs to be heard, and when you put a little sugar on it and people laugh they can get a message without it being so heavy to take,” Brandon said.

Jackson controls an audience by understanding diversity, how people view life and generational differences.

“Comedy doesn’t get old because pain never gets old. Joy is strength and America needs to laugh sometimes while we address these issues in the world,” Jackson said.

He addresses these issue in his comedy but not to college students. He  explained that we still have more to experience and learn.

Performing doesn’t get old, but the old images  painted of him does. Jackson feels like people still think he is 24 or 25 and hasn’t changed.

Jackson has tried to change up his delivery and it has yet to work. When he has difficult moments in his performances he remains patient and tells people he has a right to voice his opinion.

Brandon said, “I want people to know I’m more than just a comedian.Comedian is the art but lifestyle is the movie.”


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