Friday, April 12, 2024

Music and comedy bring high energy

The return of Springfest to the Plattsburgh State campus brought together students across campus proving that good laughs and music are powerful things. Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans performed in the Giltz Auditorium last Thursday night and Brooklyn-based rapper Jay Critch performed Friday night in the Field House. 

Wayans’ performance in Giltz was highly attended by both students and members of the Plattsburgh community. 

It was reported that over 700 tickets were purchased for the show and ticket goers were encouraged to get to Hawkins Hall as soon as possible to obtain close seats. Wayan’s opener DC Ervin warmed the crowd up by delivering sides-splitting jokes that bordered on the crass and crude material that Wayans would later deliver. Comedy openers aren’t always funny, but Ervin proved that theory wrong Thursday night. 

Photos and videos were only allowed in the opening minutes of Wayans’ performance, but his jokes and routine were memorable without recordings to watch back. On stage with Wayans was a stool, water bottle and microphone, which proved to be important and creative objects for parts of his routine that was more physical in nature. From observational comedy bits about the differences between the Latino communities, the influence of religion in his home growing up and the acceptance of his daughter as a lesbian, Wayans stuck the landing on every joke which is no surprise considering he has a Netflix special, “Woke-ish.” The howls of laughter through the crowd were ongoing for the hour long set. 

Comedians have visited PSUC before but no one with as much name recognition as Wayans. It was a special treat for students as the semester comes to a close. 

Friday night brought a different kind of performance from rapper Critch and openers Pell The Don, Chinx.xx and Rahh Young. Most attendees at the concert didn’t seem familiar with the music of Pell The Don, and there was a noticeable lack of audience participation as he rapped on stage and attempted to hype up the crowd. The audience appeared to be mostly on their phones waiting for the main act to take the stage. 

The crowd came alive a little more when Chinx.xx took the stage as both the host and one of the performers of the night. 

As a student on campus, he’s a little more recognizable to students who have seen his music promoted through social media. The energy continued to grow when Rahh Young took the stage, another familiar face to students. 

Chinx.xx and Rahh Young performed their song “Money Love,” which had the audience on their feet and singing the words as loud as they could. 

When the main act Jay Critch took the stage, the crowd was electric. Lights on phones went up and diehard fans rapped all the words. Critch performed a small number of songs, but he still had the crowd on its feet and enjoying the show. The set up in the Field House felt like a proper concert. With a large stage, flashing stage lights and clear sound systems, it no longer felt like an athletic complex on a college campus but a proper music venue. 

The Student Association should be commended for its efforts to bring popular artists to campus for all to enjoy. Comedy shows and festivals are just one component of the college experience and its refreshing to see Plattsburgh State to get in on the action. 

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