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In the Stars: Horoscopes for the week of Sept. 18, 2020

Aries: You appear to feel some disconnect between your identity and people around you. You don’t feel seen for who you are and it frustrates you. Remember that people don’t know what is going on beneath the surface and you tend to only let people see the parts of you that you know people will clap for.

Taurus: There’s been a large focus on your professional and public life. You have currently been awarded with promotions which means more responsibilities. You know you can handle the work, but you also have felt drained more often than not. Take some time to rest.

Gemini: There’s been a lot of friction in your group of friends that has been weighing heavily on your mind. Being ruled by Mercury, you should try writing your thoughts as a way to cope with your feelings. It will also organize your scatterbrain.

Cancer: This weekend you’ll want to keep to yourself and you may seem a bit moody. This is not a large worry though, by the end of the week you’ll feel very productive. You might even want to start a home project or simply tidy up around your home.

Leo: You might feel a lot of pressure to perform your best in areas of school and work. You typically overachieve and want to be the best of the best, but lately you’ve been having trouble getting into a routine. Start by taking small steps in whatever direction you are heading.

Virgo: The end of the week you’ll feel like everything is finally coming together. There’s still work to be done but you can take a pause for now and enjoy what you have accomplished so far.

Libra: You might feel like your energy is rapidly draining. Part of you wants to be with friends— to go out and have fun. Yet, there’s another part of you that just wants to stay home and spend some time alone. You’ll perk up by the end of the week.

Scorpio: You will feel like you have to make a split with some of your habits in order to be emotionally stable. But you’ll also feel like you can somehow work it all out. Sometimes cutting ties is necessary to grow .

Sagittarius: You feel like there have been many restrictions placed on you at this time, and unsure about how to adjust. There’s been a major upheaval in your priorities. This has caused a lot of frustrations, but you are finally starting to adapt.

Capricorn: You will have a lot of trouble with communication across ages. You just don’t know how to tell anyone what you think. You don’t have to have an answer for everything or reply to everyone right away. Sometimes it is better to see how things turn out on their own.

Aquarius: There will be a big change in your focus. If you haven’t already, you are going to want to start becoming closer to people around or start dating again. If you’re in a relationship, your bonds will be stronger.

Pisces: You don’t feel quite yourself, but that’s okay.  You’re learning a lot of important lessons right now, especially boundaries. Be patient and diligent with yourself. Remember to not waste time on things that will distract you.

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