Friday, June 21, 2024

In the Stars: Horoscopes for the week of Oct. 2

Read according to your rising sign

Aries: Confrontation isn’t new to you, but you should take time to think and analyze your thoughts. There’s more than your perspective to take into account. Take your time to process your thoughts instead of being reckless and impulsive.

Taurus: You will probably feel lucky and more appreciated by the people who support you. This could manifest in different ways: acts of service, gifts, affirmation, etc. Show them you’re grateful for them as well.

Gemini: This week you might find yourself overthinking things more than usual (which is already hard for Geminis).  There might be tension between your friends and you’ll want to express that. It’s important to see both sides.

Cancer: This week will feel especially exhausting to you. You will feel pulled in directions regarding your friends, significant others, and creative projects. It will be hard for you to voice your boundaries, but it’s important to do so.

Leo: There’s tension that you want to get rid of that has been building up for a while. You’ll feel it in your daily life and belief systems most likely. Sadly, the tension won’t go away soon, but you might be ready to talk about.

Virgo: You’ll most likely want to write about all of your anger and frustrations that have been boiling up for quite some time now. Do what you can to get your mind off it, but don’t destroy bridges.

Libra: Happy Libra Season! 🥳 There is a big focus on your friends and community this week. you might feel spoiled to have them. Or you might feel like you bring people together despite hardships.

Scorpio: There will be some conflict between yourself, significant other and communication or routines. It might feel impossible to solve so, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to solve everything immediately.

Sagittarius: You will probably feel blindsided by someone who has hurt you in the past. Someone is coming out from nowhere to speak with you. This will cause frustrations to rise up regarding your finances and own fulfillment.

Capricorn: You feel caught in the middle between your family and work. Both are overworking you and you need a break. Remember to keep your cool and that nothing is as urgent as it seems like.

Aquarius: You might feel some writers’ block this week, but reaching out to those closest to you might relieve some of your stress. It doesn’t have to perfect, but you need something on paper if you want to edit it.

Pisces: Now is a good time to just keep to yourself. You might feel there’s anger in your friends’ voices. Now is a good time to refocus your values and practice them in your life.

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