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How to pull off April Fools’ jokes

With April Fools’ Day right around the corner, who doesn’t want to successfully pull off the funniest jokes? Having one day of the year when you’re allowed to be a prankster without any serious consequences should be a day everyone takes advantage of. There are various pranks to pull off for many different settings and relationships.

Your siblings are easy targets because you most likely know everything about them, such as their fears, pet peeves and maybe even the passwords to their phones. If you are lucky enough to have this information, you can take their phone and change your name in it to match your mom or dad’s contact name. From there, start sending weird and funny messages like, “Can you wash the dishes?” when it’s actually your turn to wash them.

If you really know your sibling and some secrets they have told you throughout the years, you can give them a mini heart attack by saying, “I know you have crush on that boy/girl in your class.” or “I know it was you who broke my vase in the living room,” Your sibling might go to your parent and apologize or confess without knowing the parent is unaware, so make sure you tell them it’s a joke before they snitch on themselves.

Bringing doughnuts to work may seem cliche, so this prank will only work if you plan ahead of time. Friends and co-workers will be able to realize it’s a prank if the only day you bring doughnuts is on April Fools’ Day. You might have to bring in these sweet treats at least once a week for a couple of weeks leading up to the day. Buy some boston cream doughnuts and replace the cream with mayonnaise. When someone bites into it, they’ll get something not so sweet. They may not like Boston creams anymore after that, but it’ll be worth the laugh.

We all know someone who drinks too much coffee. Offer to buy them a cup to go along with that Boston cream before they eat it, and instead of filling it with coffee, fill it with soy sauce and water. Make it so look like their usual coffee choice. When they drink the coffee, they’ll be in for a salty surprise. Make sure you are multiple feet away because you don’t want to be caught in the crossfire when they spit the drink out.

One way to prank everyone you walk past is to buy a spray bottle and fill it up with water. When you walk by someone, pretend to sneeze and spray water on them. This will make them think you spit on them when you sneeze, and the person will be pissed. Be cautious and tell the person they are being pranked for sanitary reasons. Be aware of who you spray because spraying someone with a fresh weave or hairdo will probably get you smacked.

If you want people to think you have completely lost your mind, take an empty Listerine bottle and fill it up with Gatorade or water with food coloring. Someone might offer to take you to the hospital, and others might just stare at you in confusion.

If you really want to drive someone crazy, tell them a couple days before April Fools’ Day that you’re going to pull a prank on them. Watch them wonder about what prank is possibly lined up, when in reality you have no prank to pull.

They will question every move you make ,and it will definitely make them a little insane.

April Fools’ Day is when creativity comes into play. It’s a chance for you to see what you and everyone else is capable of when it comes to playing jokes. You can even make it fun by crowning someone top prankster.

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