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Felter leaves mark on team

Jack Felter has not been in Plattsburgh for as long as some of his fellow seniors on the Plattsburgh State lacrosse team, but he is performing well enough so far this season to leave a strong mark.

Felter transferred to PSUC from Broome Community College with some convincing from a childhood friend and now current teammate Andy Krolczyk. Krolczyk, who has been at PSUC, knew that Felter was looking to transfer out and thought the Cardinals lacrosse team would be a good fit for him.

“He didn’t really know what to do or where to go,” Krolczyk said. “I talked to Coach and one thing led to another, and Coach gave him the call and got him up here.”

Felter plays a position called crease attackman. The crease attackman spends the vast majority of his time around the goal looking for opportunities to score.

It is a position that often comes with the reward of netting a goal, and it is not uncommon to see a player at this position getting beat up on by defenders.

It takes a certain type of lacrosse player to fit in well at the position and Felter is just that.

Head coach Ryan Cavanagh identified that Felter, who came here as a midfielder, would be able to contribute at the position if he put the work in.

Since becoming a part of the Cards, he has put the work in and this season is finally seeing the benefits.

“Originally, he wasn’t a starter. We had him at midfield, then he kind of transitioned into a starting role at attack,” Cavanagh said. “He worked his butt off to get there.”

Felter is dominating in the crease this season and is currently tied for third in the SUNYAC in goals scored.

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Cavanagh also explained how many of players in Felter’s position, stuck in between roles, would lose motivation and give up, but his hard work and perseverance has earned him a starting spot.

His brother first got involved with lacrosse when he was in kindergarten, and Felter picked up the sport in the second grade. When his brother started playing lacrosse, both Felter and his father became interested in the sport. Felter was a player and his father was on the coaching side.

Felter explained the process of how the family became involved with the sport.

“He actually fell in love with the game once my brother started playing,” Felter said. “He started picking up on things and kind of pushed me to play.”

While the love of lacrosse stemmed from his father’s interest, Felter believes his athleticism and competitiveness come from his mother, who is an accomplished athlete herself.

“In high school, she won two state championships in two sports,” Felter said. “I think I got my athleticism from her, and I kind of make fun of my dad for it.”

His mother today, even with him away from school, does a good job of keeping Felter motivated.

“She always sends me texts before or after games saying good job or good luck, and that really motivates me,” Felter said.
One of Felter’s favorite things about the sport is the mutual respect for opponents seen on the field.

“They’re still your competition,” Felter said, “but in the lacrosse community as a whole, we all have a certain respect for each other.”

Whether it is his love for lacrosse passed on from his father, the athleticism of his mother, or a combination of both, he is earning the respect from any opponent unlucky enough to cross his path.

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