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Diversity for fashion

Who is ready for the latest fall fashion trends?Who is ready for the latest fall fashion trends? One of the great things about fall is the new style in which included sweaters, boots and much more. The weather tends to be warm without the excess heat like the summer and the overwhelming cold like the winter.  This gives you room to experiment while looking stylish. With the different bold bright and dark colors, it is the norm to have fashionable statements with this season.

In Plattsburgh State, there are a few fashionistas in which has their own unique fashion sense when it comes to fall.

Chelsea Asare a junior with a public relations major and a minor in broadcast journalism is known for her wardrobe staples.
She stated that fall was her favorite season because of the weather.

“You can wear enough but also not be restricted,” as she talked about how it is not too cold and not too hot.
Her wardrobe staples include colorful jackets and booties.

When asking what were her ideal fall colors she said, “ I love bright colors such as orange and yellow.”

She also expressed her liking of headscarves, and she layers by using simple tanks while throwing over different colored cardigans.
Her fashion inspiration includes Tracie Ross and she uses fashion as a hobby of hers.

Since denim on denim is a popular trend in the fall when asked how would you wear it.

“I would pair them with my orange booties to make the look pop,” she said.

Furthermore, another trendsetter in State Plattsburgh is Jayah Arnett. Her favorite season is also fall because of weather as well.
On the other hand, she loves wearing dark colors and putting pieces together.

When asked what inspired her to become into fashion she said, “I really enjoy looking nice and when meeting someone for the first time it is not only about personality but also everything on the outside.”

She believes that the way you dress is a representation of who you are and how people view you.

“I know when I look good, I feel even better!” she said.

When hearing about autumn the colors that come to her mind are neutral and dark colors such as black, olive, grey, caramel and brown.
Her main outfit choice includes “ black jeans, a black crew neck sweater, with Chelsea boots, and topped off with a fedora.

She is interested in trying new things this fall by putting different clothes together such as oversized sweaters and button down shirts.

One of her fashion inspirations include Adrienne Houghton because her style is always “fun”. She uses many other fashion expos and while adding her sense of style when creating outfits.
Lastly, Esston Benjamin, a senior who also attends Plattsburgh State with a major in computer science and a minor in web design.

He uses his skill of photography as a guide when creating certain looks and styles.

His go to fall outfit includes “black jeans, a nice jacket depending on the weather while matching it with my shoes and shirt”.

When asked about what fall colors come to mind, he explained how he is a photographer and tends focus on how to make certain colors pop out in the specific setting. Some of these colors include green, red and orange.

Although he doesn’t have a fashion inspiration.

“My inspiration comes from either knowing what I could combine and how to wear it differently,” he said.
He also said how he and his close friends talk about rare outfit ideas and bringing them to life.

Fashion is having a prevailing custom of style, by adding the fall season to it, you are getting ready for the cooler season but also keeping it light.
In PSUC, there are many fashion icons with different approaches when it comes to creating looks for the season. John Galliano once said, “The joy of dressing is an art.”

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