Friday, August 12, 2022

SA votes new members, approves four bills

The second meeting for the 58th legislation of the Student Association commenced Wednesday night in the Cardinal Lounge in the Angell College Center. During the hour-long meeting, two students were approved as voting members of the College Auxiliary Services voting board, one senator gave a report and four student bills were approved.

Current sophomore and former SA senator, MacOlivier Lalanne, along with Kathleen Gill, were both approved to be voting members of the CAS voting board. They were supported by SA President Rudaba Ahmed during the meeting.

“Wayne Duprey, the former CAS director, informed me of two vacant spots on the board and encouraged me to apply,” Lalanne said. “He is aware of my lengthy involvement in SA and my desire to be a representative for students.”

During the senator reports, Nishi Khandelwal, a recently-elected senator for global education, brought up an important concern facing the students.

“Most students and club representatives lack proper guidance and information on how to successfully use the EMS software,” Khandelwal said.

EMS, or Events Management Systems, is a software on MyPlattsburgh used by students to book rooms and banquet halls in the ACC to hold club meetings and events. Khandelwal suggested holding a workshop or advertizing a guidelines sheet to help the students.

The first student bill approved was “The Repeal Of The Student Association Management Associate.” The position is no longer active, thus it was eliminated.

Following the first bill, the second student bill, “Phone/ Video Vote Meeting Policy,” was approved and implemented.

It was unanimously agreed by the senators that in situations where a meeting needs to be held in a short time period, and a quorum of members are unable to attend, then an emergency meeting conducted by a video conference would be held. This meeting will follow the general procedures and rules of an SA meeting.

“This bill will prove to be particularly useful during finals week, when Senate meetings are not held at all or during the summer [or] when the SA is operating with limited staff,” SA Executive Vice President Jennifer Stanton said.

The third bill approved was the “Legislative Review Board.” According to the bill, the Legislative Review Board will review proposed legislation and assist SA members with drafting written legislation or SA programs. As a result, Student Bill No. 5 of the 54th legislation and the 56th legislation, as well as The Executive Bylaw No. 5 of the 56th Legislation.

The fourth and final bill to be approved was the “Additional Duties Of Vice President.” The SA vice president will now also be responsible for organizing the SA Senate Banquet and Custodian Appreciation Day, as well as preparing and overseeing the SA senate budget.

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