Monday, January 18, 2021

Governor reappoints members

Sydney Sue Garrant and Heidi Kelly have been reappointed to their second seven-year terms to the Plattsburgh State College Council by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

As college council members, Garrant and Kelly work on a team of “liaisons” responsible for helping administrators and other departments on PSUC’s campus. Council members work closely with staff to discuss policy review and to offer insight and advice on issues facing the campus.

“Among its duties, the College Council reviews and approves regulations regarding campus facilities, such as recommendations for the naming of buildings and grounds.” PSUC President John Ettling said. “The council helps me by acting as ‘eyes and ears’ for the campus. The members notify me of any issues, concerns, or problems they hear about in the community. This allows me to address them in a timely manner.”

Garrant works alongside the Student Association and Vice President of Student Affairs Bryan Hartman, while Kelly serves as a liaison for the Institutional Advancement department.

Garrant said she, and other council members, socialize, work and volunteer to spread positive messages about the college into the surrounding community. Kelly said the council also acts as an “advisory” board for the administration.

“Plattsburgh is very lucky to have the administration that it does. They present Plattsburgh as a positive light in the community,” Kelly said.

Both Garrant and Kelly have spent their careers in education, from middle and elementary school teaching to guidance counseling.

Garrant, aside from being a PSUC alumna, had served in education for over 30 years before retiring in 2003 from the Beekmantown Central School. She was appointed to the college council in 2009 by then-governor David Patterson.

She was influenced to serve on the council by her love of the PSUC community.

“I love it (PSUC). It’s where I went to school and I just absolutely love seeing it flourish,” Garrant said.

Kelly, an alumna of Oneonta State, was originally appointed to the PSUC college council in 2008 by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer. She also has affiliations with the School Administrators Association of New York and has taught reading, writing and math at both middle and elementary school levels in Minerva.

“I really have an appreciation for SUNY schools,” Kelly said. “I have grown to appreciate the collegiality and warmth that surrounds this group.”

Vice President for Institutional Advancement Anne Whitmore Hansen, works closely with Kelly, but said she appreciates the council’s effort as a whole.

“She is a joy to work with,” Hansen said of Kelly. “She’s very dedicated to education.”

Hansen and Kelly worked with a team to develop the Arnold Amell Gift Society in honor of PSUC alumnus and former council chair Arnold Amell.

The society recognizes alumni members who donate gifts to PSUC for at least 10 consecutive years.

Hansen said Kelly was an advocate for the project.

The college council has taken part of several campus-wide initiatives throughout Garrant and Kelly’s previous seven-year term, such as a presentation focused on the Lake Champlain Institute and climate change. As for the next term, both women plan to carry out the council’s goals that may arise over the next seven years.

“This is a great group to be a part of,” Kelly said. “They really have the best interest of the college community at heart.”

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