Tuesday, January 19, 2021

FENT hosts trip to ADK Extreme adventure

Step back and take a day trip swinging through trees where students can have fun and let loose. Plattsburgh State’s Films, Entertainment, Novelties and Trips, or FENT, takes students on trips a few times a semester to allow them to take a break from their busy schedules.

        Tomorrow, FENT will be sponsoring a trip to Adirondack Extreme, a high-ropes course in Bolton Landing. Students will have the option to be in the tree-tops and partake in activities like zip-lining.

        “On this trip, students can expect to experience the thrill of a four-course adventure course including zip lines and Tarzan swings through the treetops,” Vice President of Activities Lauren Safford said.

Safford said although FENT had tried to account for all concerns, it is impossible for them to determine everything that could happen. While the trip is not low-risk, Safford has confidence in ADK Extreme.

“With the trained professionals at the facility, I trust it should be an injury-free day,” Safford said. 

        Rachel Lynne Wilcoxson, coordinator of student activities for the Center of Student Involvement, said the trip to ADK Extreme was really popular in the past. FENT takes into consideration past popular trips and will sometimes bring them back. 

        When trips aren’t brought back, new trips are picked up if they fit into the FENT criteria, which is based on the club’s acronym.

        “We try to go based on popularity,” Chair of FENT Cecilia Kelly said. “We try to not to have repeats within the same school year.”

        Students who are going on the trip need to be in front of the Angell College Center at 8:45 a.m. the morning of the trip. The bus will be leaving promptly at 9. The bus is expected to return to campus the same day at 4 p.m.

        Tickets are only $25. Tickets are this price because the event is partially funded through the Student Association.

        “SA gives us money for activities and things going on,” Wilcoxson said. “The money comes from the SA, so students only pay a portion of the actual ticket. The rest comes from student fees. So all the money they collect from the student fees goes right back to the students. It’s just supposed to be a lot of fun to get students involved.”

        FENT not only does trips. It does movie events, entertainment events, like having comedians come to campus and novelty events like design your own mug or make a stuffed animal, that are normally held in the ACC lobby. Kelly said FENT events are accessible to all kinds of people on campus.

“They’re good events for people who don’t have cars, international students to do like a group friend thing,” Kelly said. “They’re just nice activities on the weekend to have versus just sitting in your room.”

        Tickets for the ADK Extreme trip are going fast, so students interested should purchase their tickets as soon as possible.

FENT is taking 46 students. If students want to go on the trip, they can get tickets at tickets.plattsburgh.edu or visit the information desk in the ACC.

FENT meets Tuesdays at 5 p.m. in Meeting Room five of the ACC. 

        “I’ve heard that it was beautiful,” Kelly said. “People who I know that went on it said it was really fun, and there was a bunch of different things they could do, so that was nice to have the options.” 

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