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ZPlatt seeks student creativity, participation

The annual Plattsburgh State student-run literary and arts ZPlatt is back and in need of submissions this spring. ZPlatt also accepts multiple forms of media to be featured in their website.

ZPlatt celebrates student creativity in all imaginable forms, according to the official website. It is also an opportunity for everybody who is interested in having their work published.

The categories for ZPlatt varies in sections. There are non-fiction, fiction, prose, memoir, poetry, drama, spoken word, academic writing, music, dance, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, graphic design, books-arts and film.

If students want to submit their work, it needs to be original and unpublished. There is also a 5,000 word limit per piece.

“In ZPlatt, there are lots of possibilities for students,” senior English writing arts major Jordan Langley said. “We really encourage students to submit their work because it can be stepping stone for the in the future if they want to publish their work.”

Students need more motivation and to feel more comfortable to publish their own work, according to her. Langley also said it is a great opportunity for students to branch out.

“Being a part of ZPlatt could put you out of your comfort zone,” she said. “I actually got out of my comfort zone after joining ZPlatt.”

The magazine also gives students a great chance to get feedback from other people, according to senior English literature major Tessa Oldroyd.

“You can see how your work is published and then strike for that goal,” she said. “When students see their work being published, it will give them the courage and confidence to continue to work in the future.”

Being a part of the magazine, Oldroyd enjoys working with her team and respects and learns from her peers as well.

“Everybody should go for it,” she said. “For each semester, you get different group as well as different viewpoints and ideas.”

ZPlatt can showcase any student’s creative work. Having work published could help students highlight their resume as well, according to senior English writing arts major and head editor of ZPlatt this year, Kayla Tuttle said.

“Joining ZPlatt will be a great experience for the future, especially for writers and artists,” she said. “Having your work published is a big accomplishment.”

Compared to someone who might have the same job, it also helps students stand out a little more when it comes to employment, according to Tuttle.

Tuttle also said there is a large party when everybody gathers together and enjoy their accomplishments later.

“For now, it is still advertising, advertising and advertising.” Tuttle said.

ZPlatt has its own social media, such as Facebook and Instagram to invite people to submit their work, according to Langley. They also take advantage of the Student Digest to inform people about ZPlatt. Everybody in ZPlatt is trying to encourage new and returning students to submit their work.

“In order to attract people to submit, we need to be more welcoming and approachable,” Langley said. “I also learn more social skills after being a part of ZPlatt.”

So far, there are a few submissions for ZPlatt. The magazine is still looking for PSUC students who are interested in publishing their work and being a part of it.

For submission categories and guidelines, students can go to their website at

Students are also encouraged to submit their work or ask any questions by emailing to The deadline for submission is March 1, 2017.

Email Hilly Nguyen at

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