Thursday, July 25, 2024

Women’s lax wins close vs. New Paltz Hawks

By Jessica Landman

The Plattsburgh women’s lacrosse team brought home a win after a nail biting match up against SUNY New Paltz April 27 at the Field House. The final score of 12-9 reflects the back-and-forth play seen throughout the game. 

The first goal was scored by New Paltz just two minutes into the game. However Plattsburgh responded not three minutes later with a goal of their own scored by Caitlin Nash assisted by Maddie Garcia. A quick response by New Paltz’s Kaitlyn Shaw for her second goal of the game put the Hawks up by one goal. Multiple turnovers ensued before New Paltz was able to find the back of the net again six minutes into the quarter. Lilla Nease, Plattsburgh’s goalie, made a huge save off of a hard shot made by New Paltz. With only six seconds remaining in the quarter, Plattsburgh’s Lindsay Guzzetta made her 20th goal of the season. The first quarter ended 3-2 in New Paltz’s favor. 

The second quarter kicked off quickly with a New Paltz goal not even two minutes in and followed that up with another goal bringing the score to 5-2. The Cardinals responded swiftly with a goal of their own. Caroline Noia made her 22nd goal of the season off of a free position shot. The hawks came back with yet another goal followed three minutes by Plattsburgh’s own Guzzetta made a man-down goal with six minutes remaining in the quarter. A shot from New Paltz narrowly slipped by Nease’s stick earning the Hawks another goal. Plattsburgh finished out the quarter with another last-minute goal scored by Guzzetta once again ending the quarter with a final score of 7-5 with New Paltz in the lead.

 The second half started out brightly for the Cardinals with a goal from Nash just over a minute in. Just three minutes later, Noia scored her second goal of the game tying the game at 7-7. Plattsburgh scores again with six minutes left in the quarter earning them the lead for the first time in the game. The goal was made by Emily Caoili and was assisted by Garcia. Two minutes later, Caoili struck again, scoring yet another goal from a free position shot. Jordan Kowalski, assisted by Guzzetta, scored another last minute goal. Plattsburgh controlled the quarter, extending their lead to 10-7.

The fourth quarter started evenly with shots made by both teams, but neither making any headway. Then, five minutes in, Plattsburgh’s Guzzetta made a goal with the assist going to Caoili. More back-and-forth play continued until New Paltz scored their eighth goal of the game from a free position shot. Only two minutes later, Caoili responded with a goal of her own. The final goal of the game was made by New Paltz. The scoreboard at the end of the game showed 12-9, giving the Cardinals their fifth win of the season. 

Being the newest team here at Plattsburgh and one of the newest teams in the conference, they have faced many challenges. 

Freshman Rachel LaMar said, “ We kind of had to make a name for ourselves in the SUNYAC. This is our first real season getting together.” 

In the coming years, Head Coach Kelly Wall hopes to use the talent they already have in the program and continue to build an even stronger team for the future. 

The Plattsburgh’s women’s lacrosse team went on the road to Oswego on Saturday, losing that game 6-17. Coach Wall said there was a possibility of making the SUNYAC tournament if they won the last two games in their schedule. However, due to this loss, their 2022 season has ended. They finished with an overall record of 5-9 and a SUNYAC conference record of 3-6. 

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