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Woman kicked off flight over period pain

In 2017, a man was dragged off of an airline and in 2018, a woman was kicked off a plane for menstrual cramps, and a puppy was forced into an overhead compartment resulting in his death.
With the 2017 United Airlines incident resulting in a payout to the victim, Dr. David Dao, I would think that airlines would be more careful with their treatment of their passengers, but it seems to be the opposite; airlines seem to have gotten careless.

A woman aboard an Emirates plane was taken off, along with her boyfriend, after a stewardess overheard her complaint about her menstrual cramps .

The woman involved was 24 years old and was aware pain was normal for her body, and she insisted the pain wasn’t bad, even rating it a “one out of 10” according to The Times of London and The Washington Post.

The stewardess proceeded to ask her questions about her pain and then insisted she be taken off the plane for medical attention.

Beth Evan’s unfortunate incident on the airline led to an internet uprising of women criticizing Emirates for how they treated her.

A common post and comment made by women was insinuated that the airline company didn’t know what they were doing and had no compassion.

They suggested instead of simply kicking them off,they should have offered her some pain killers or a cup of hot tea and a dose of compassion.

Eighty percent of women experience some form of period pain and in five to 10 percent it disrupts their daily life, according to,

With 80 percent of the population of women experiencing some cramping and pain with their periods, I would assume that the rest of the world, including the lucky 20 percent of women who don’t experience any period pain, would have some idea of what it is and how to handle the situation.

Above all else, airlines should at least know how to handle travelers’ luggage, especially ones containing beloved family pets.

On a United Airlines plane a family traveling was told to put their bag containing their 10-month-old puppy in the overhead storage bins instead of leaving it tucked underneath the seat as the United Airlines policy states.

The airline attendant told the puppy’s owner that the dog would be fine and against her better judgment the owner complied.

In the beginning of the planes three-hour journey, cries could be heard coming from the tightly closed overhead compartments, but they eventually stopped.

When the plane reached their destination three hours after departure, the woman opened the overhead compartment relieved to be reunited with her puppy but was met with heartbreaking sadness.

The puppy after she opened the compartment and called out his name didn’t move or cry. Ater trying to resuscitate him he still lay there limp and cold, dead from suffocation.

The puppy that suffocated was a 10-month-old black French bulldog and according to, they have a hard time breathing because of the shape of their nose and are very susceptible to suffocation and respiratory issues.

In most of these airline related incidents, the people affected are unsure with what is happening, or they are assured that they are doing the right thing.

There were other women on the plane, other dog owners and other people watching the man be dragged forcefully out of his seat. People need to stand up for each other.

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