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Wilson to end construction

Construction for Wilson Hall is expected to be done by late July, with plans to open for the fall 2017 semester. The campus has been in the process of renovating the residence hall to add improvements and give it a new ambiance.

The renovations started in the fall 2016 semester, which makes it a year-long project. According to Director of Housing and Residence Stephen Mathews, the building is being made to be more energy efficient, to have better insulation and is getting new windows as well.

“The major portions of the renovations include more of an open feel and more natural light within the building, as well as more programming space and privacy in the bathrooms,” Matthews said.

The bathroom renovations include making two of them handicap accessible and making improvements on the overall privacy. Sibley Hall is also in the process of finishing its remodeling project.

“The west end close to Plattsburgh High School where the gymnasium used to be is going to house a two-story area,” Capital Project Manager Richard Larche said.

“Neuropsych TBI nexus and the North Country Teacher Resource Center will be relocated, and that project will be complete by June of this year,” Larche said. “Faculty and staff will start moving in there between the middle of July and it will be up and running by the fall semester.”

Other construction and renovation projects on campus include Saranac Hall. According to Larche, the goal is to separate the books from store merchandise to better manage the books. The Saranac Hall project was started over the previous spring semester and will be finishing in approximately two weeks. Construction is also being done to the central heating plant to replace and restructure several generators.

“Renovations at Clinton Dining Hall, which will be an estimated year and a half project, will consist of upgrading the dining hall area and providing some new food venues within the building, while also upgrading all of the kitchen equipment,” Larche said about the upcoming remodeling project.

“Another project that’s currently going on and will be hopefully be finished by the end of the year is the renovation of the podium. The walking surface: between the Angell College Center, the Benjamin F. Feinberg Library, and the Kehoe administration buildings,” Larche said.

Further upcoming projects for the campus include Memorial Hall, Angell College Center, and another residence hall. Overall improvements are being made to improve the exterior and interior aspects of the buildings and campus atmosphere.

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